Heavenly Harvest & Feed the Children Are Working Together with a Goal of Ending Hunger!

Heavenly Harvest & Feed the Children Are Working Together with a Goal of Ending Hunger!

There is a way for us to contribute in ending world hunger and Heavenly Harvest might just be the solution we need.

If you’ve been following my journey (hi doosts 👋) you know I’ve been involved with the United Nations and their Global Goals campaign → created to tackle 17 challenges and transform our world. One of our biggest goals is # 2: Ending hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture. Working towards eliminating world hunger is possible through Heavenly Harvest where we can provide universal access to safe and nutritious food.

With Heavenly Harvest, the mission is to end hunger, bringing a higher level of nutrition, taste, and respect to the tables of those in need. By creating affordable unique food packs that are made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives that can be eaten hot or cold.

We have teamed up with Feed the Children to distribute on a larger scale. And for the past few of months, I’ve been working with these lovely folks to do just that — below you’ll learn more about the challenge, solution, and how you too can help!

How to Help

The more donations we collect, the more meals we can make and the more children and families we can feed. Help us offer easily accessible meals to those in need by donating today.

To donate please visit their page HeavenlyHarvest.org or find them on Go Fund Me!

Text-To-Give +1(917)993-5577

$19 will provide 2 meals a day for 7 days / $100 can feed a family for 7 days.

In addition…

Heavenly Harvest and Feed the Children are looking to make an immediate and large impact by holding a charity dinner at Black Barn Restaurant on Tuesday November 14, 2017, to raise funds to feed families affected by the disaster relief areas. The goal is to make and distribute 34,000 meals this year and each seat we fill at this benefit will feed at least 115 meals.

Let your Corporate Giving Manager know how they can help
→ Benefit Dinner

About Heavenly Harvest ↓

Creates shelf stable and nutritious meals that are made with meat, vegetables, pasta or rice, herbs and spices without any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Founded by Chef-Owner of Black Barn Restaurant, John Doherty who shared in an article with The Daily Meal:

While developing various food products for a brand I was consulting for, the thought occurred to me that I could create an entire meal in a package for people who needed it, not wanted it.

— John Doherty in Celebrity Chef Develops Restaurant-Quality Ready-to-Eat Meals for Needy Families

About the Food

Chef John Doherty has created nutritious, high protein meals that can be preserved for 18 months time and enjoyed without sacrificing our health. These meals are made with untreated meat, vegetables, pasta or rice, herbs, and spices without any preservatives or artificial ingredients. They are designed to bring a new level of taste and dignity to a home in need.

About Feed the Children

Established in 1979, Feed the Children exists to end child hunger. It is one of the largest U.S.-based charities and serves those in need in the U.S. and in 10 countries around the world. It provides food, education, essentials and disaster relief.

Many of us think of people who are hungry, as those that are homeless and destitute. The fact is, many Americans that are hungry are hard working people making minimum wage or people who’ve lost their jobs, can’t pay their bills and face eviction. They just don’t make enough money to put three meals on the table. Besides not having enough money for three meals, sadly, it’s been cheaper to buy a meal at a fast food restaurant than it has to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. This only compounds the issue of poor nutrition leading to obesity and diabetes.

Although there are many food banks, Church soup kitchens, Food stamps and wonderful people not to mention community food drives, we are still not meeting the need. In America, 30 % of those facing hunger issues are working with incomes just above the threshold to get federal food aid. Globally, one in nine people in the world today (795 million) are undernourished. Poor nutrition causes nearly half (45 %) of deaths in children under five – that’s 3.1 million children each year.