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Let’s be vain here for a second, let’s talk about looking good in photos. I know we all end up in front of a camera sometimes. I personally think it’s a lot more fun when you look good when it does occur. I am going to be frank, I indulge in selfies more often than […]


Central Park is a huge part of New York and its people. It’s a strong symbol of season changes and when the sun comes out so do its locals. I, along with Emily, and photographer Will Keown spend the day capturing the joys of the east coast community basking in the glistening sun, laughing with friends and […]


Laughter is wonderfully contagious, and like Audrey my favorite thing to do. In many ways it’s also all about perspective and what we allow our realities to consist of. I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably […]

emily sarita, beach, dominican republic

  Hola Doosters <3 Writing this piece is probably going to be one of my favorites, especially since I am writing to you from the Dominican Republic. I recently just left on vacation a couple of days ago with my father to visit where he grew up in the countryside of Mamey Los Hidalgos. On Sunday, […]


I see fashion as a proclamation or manifestation of identity, so, as long as identities are important, fashion will continue to be important. The link between fashion and identity begins to get real interesting, however, in the case of people who don’t fall clearly into a culturally-recognized identity. ― Kate Bornstein Something truly beautiful happens when […]

fitness snacks

My fitness freak continues. I am on the weight loss train and it is gaining steam. I have been finding out all the tricks to weight loss and general health. So far I’ve learned: Change your thinking, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and your body won’t be either. Stick it out, what’s a […]

kelley louise

Last Wednesday was my fiance Devin’s birthday and, when I took him out to dinner that evening, I surprised him with roundtrip tickets to Puerto Rico! I gave him 24 hours to pack and we left very, very early on Friday morning. We stayed in Fajardo, which is about a 45 minute drive east of the airport […]


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