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Doost is not only the founder and CEO’s last name, but the word “doost” also means “friend,” “to like,” and “to be in love” in Afghan, Farsi, and Hindi.  You are our doost. Get it?!


gina doost

Founder || Journalist || Writer || Editor || Traveler

Gina Doost ♡

Acclaimed by Vanity Fair as a top creative influencer, Gina Doost is impacting the world. Focusing on lifestyle content including travel, style, and culture that inspires. She engages insiders and adds value to the behavior of today’s movers and shakers. She has grown her namesake syndication WhatTheDoost.com with many writers and followers which she considers ‘Doosts’.

She also has a degree in Journalism and has worked for companies like CBS, The Daily Meal, and Penguin Random House.

Follow her journey @WhatTheDoost on Instagram || Twitter || Facebook

Contact her at Gina@WhatTheDoost.com || Linked In

Favorite quote:

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

Actress || Writer || V-Blogger

Deva Nitins ♡

Deva Nitins is What the Doost’s resident Californian Canadian. From the grey skies of Vancouver to the sunny  hills of Los Angeles, Deva brings her passion for acting. Once raised by back-to-the-land hippies Deva wants to bring her unique perspective to WtD. She offers practical solutions to life’s many little problems while helping to forge a way that finds fun in any and everything that people have to face. Deva’s objective is to lighten your load, leave smile on your face, and chuckle.

She is WtD’s weekly V-Blogger and you can find her on Instagram and Twitter @DevaNitins.

Tia Darlene Rudd ♡

Producer || Actress || Writer

Producer || Actress || Writer

Tia D. Rudd is the founder of the Gluten-Free Princess where she shares all gluten-free inspired topics from health to entertainment. Tia has spent over 2 decades working as a Development Executive/Producer for networks including CBS, Showtime, NBC Universal, and more. Join Tia on her adventures to bring you the best gluten-free lifestyle tips, beauty products, restaurant options, and more! Here’s what you can expect in her own words:

  • Lots and LOTS of food! Everything from my favorite gluten-free products to recipes.
  • Craziness … I mean ‘girls just wanna have fun!’
  • Health and Beauty Product tips
  • Lifestyle
  • Tons of FUNNY stuff! And of course as a television producer we’ve gotta talk entertainment right? I mean duh!

Tia hopes to encourage and educate you on the essentials of a gluten-free lifestyle, as well as, answer any questions you might have to the best of her ability.  “By no means am I a doctor or a certified health coach nor do I consider myself an expert, but I can certainly share my personal journey with you!”

Follow the Gluten-Free Princess @TTRUDDTV for all things fabulous!

Kelley Louise 

Kelley Louise

Journalist || Writer || Photographer || Traveler || V-Blogger

Kelley has been lucky enough to visit more than 20 countries: She’s lived in a rural village in Uganda, watched the sunrise on the Himalayans in Tibet and scuba dived in the Caribbean. Armed with a degree in journalism, she works as a “Jane of all trades” and one-girl media team, aiming to showcase culture and stories through photography, video and the written word. Her blog, The Culture Collective, acts as a platform for her to share stories about the people that she meets (as well as her own) and also highlights the brands and non-profits she’s passionate about. At the same time, she works as a digital content creator and social media strategist to help brands amp up their online presence. Her goal is to document the inspiring things in the world around her — and she hopes to inspire her peers in the process. Follow her journey through Instagram and Twitter!

Her work has been published in: Caleo Magazine || D’SCENE Magazine || Men’s Health Croatia || Musee Magazine || Fucking Young Magazine || Hollywood Life || Real Simple || StyleSeat Beauty Blog || StyleBistro || The Wild Magazine.

Juana Grant ♡

Juana Grant, What the doost, Doost, NYFW, fur, 2016

Writer || Fashion Guru || Traveler

Hailing from “The City So Nice They Named It Twice! New York, New York. ” Juana Grant has made her presence known. With a sincere passion for travel & fashion her lust for life has made her New York city’s own “It Girl” with over 12K followers and counting. As a fashion consultant she works with a variety of people and brands to consult trends and personal style. As a frequent flyer she explores parts of world and cultures most people could only imagine.

With such positive energy, Juana will light up any room with just a simple ‘Hello!’ “be the energy you want to attract” is her moto & firmly stands by it! The best is yet to come!

Find her on Instagram and Twitter!

Piper Dubz

Writer || Model

Piper Dubz ♡

Piper is a playwright living in a room with a reasonably high ceiling (and windows!) in New York City. In addition to writing, her modeling work can be found in publications such as Italian Vogue, Love INC Mag, and C-Heads Magazine. She believes in the power of fangirling (shout-out to Tavi Gevinson for appropriating the term), and the importance of process. As Morcheeba says, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”


“Eye of the Tiger” and “Blinded by the Light” are her favorite epic songs. She is currently learning both pump-up anthems on the ukelele. Find her on Instagram and Twitter @piperdubz.

Aliah Banchik ♡

Aliah Banchik

Makeup Artist||Writer||V-Blogger||Model

Aliah is a young makeup artist living in NYC. Currently in high school, she has a passion for fashion which was sparked at age 13 when her nana taught her how to use a sewing machine and has been sewing since. Aliah started modeling at age 16. She has always loved getting her makeup done for photo shoots which inspired a curiosity to learn just how makeup artist achieve such beautiful looks with a few brushes.

From there she has explored clothing design, retail and visual design at Brandy Melville, photography, modeling and styling. She has done makeup for events that range from shoots to prom to red carpet events and is constantly expanding her portfolio with the help of her friends.

Aliah has a youtube channel in which she posts makeup tutorials that break down the sometimes daunting process of doing makeup. She is inspired and supported by her friends and family and loves to travel!

Follow Aliah on Instagram and YouTube 

Rain Dove Dubilewski ♡

Rain Dove Dubilewski

Writer || Actress || Model || Humanitarian

Rain Dove is an androgynous supermodel, actress, gender, capitalist, humanitarian, and public figure who is routinely hired as both genders. Rain has been featured on the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed for her work and personality. She’s graced the cover and pages of Vogue Italia, Elle Magazine, Cosmo, Marie Claire, San Francisco Magazine, Trim Magazine, and moe. She was one of Nigel Barkers picks for “My Obsession” on SOMA showcasing the next generation of powerful influencers. The Dapifer chose her as one of the top 11 women who are redefining beauty. She’s also been voted most eligible celebrity lesbian of 2014 by SheWired Magazine and was also featured in Living Different on the Oxygen Network.

Rain’s attribution and success is building strong and aligned with her message for equality for all. Rain carries brains as much as she carries looks, she received her BS in Genetic Engineering and BA in Civil Law from the University of California Berkeley with a scholarship. As an actress, she’s participated in productions like Heartbeat NY, Dyke Central and Talk Talk. Rain is a game changer for a good cause! Follow her journey through IG @raindovemodel.

Madinah ♡


Writer || Motivational Speaker || Advocate

Founder and active blogger of www.burqasandbeer.com. Madinah is a first generation Afghan-American living in Los Angeles. In her own words; “My mom dreamed of having an American son who would eventually become a doctor – but I popped out!  A Political Science graduate from the University of California, Irvine, I aim to give a platform to the Brown Girl Experience, while sharing my thoughts on pretty much everything. I love donuts, Vegas, VH1’s The Mob Wives, cats, my niece Neda, Palestine, EDM & gangster rap, designer-purses-way-out-of-my budget, and my huge family based in the San Fernando Valley. I’m a strict vegetarian, although I did eat chicken nuggets once in college. I won Homecoming Queen and Class Clown at my high school, and like to throw that in whenever I can.

Why “Burqas & Beer?”. What image elicits thoughts of Afghanistan like that of women wearing burqas (although not the traditional Afghan dress), and what is more American than beer? These two items define the cultures I find myself having a tug-of-war with. They represent the antithesis of one another, yet together, express the dichotomy I experience.”

Her blog focuses on issues surrounding the “hyphen” between Afghans and Americans — which we will proudly share on WtD. This includes taboos, identity reconciliation, women’s empowerment, and political issues. She has always been intrigued by the relationship between culture and religion, and has used her blog as a tool to understand her own identity as a diaspora child of refugee parents.

Follow Madinah on twitter @madinahhh!


Jessica Marti ♡

Jessica Marti

Writer || Beauty Expert

Jessica is Professional Make-up Artist who beautifies and inspires women from the inside out thru words of motivation and inspiration. Jessica loves to share her energy and is so grateful to do the work that fulfills her life. She’s been a professional makeup artist for the last decade in many facets of the industry, from editorial to production and private clients. Jessica has been honored as the the first spokesperson for Summer Madonna’s, which is a collective group of beautiful women from around the world who are invested in and admired through words by men of great stature.

Her eternal quest in life is to be an expert in personal transformation while assisting women in the development of enhancing their inner beauty together with their outer beauty. Not just the perfect lipstick, but an affirmation and the perfect lipstick || The True Powerhouse.

Jill Firns ♡

Jill Firns

Writer || Fashion Expert || DJ

Dealing with a crippling beauty product addiction as well as nursing a problematic obsession with thrifting can be difficult. How does one handle it all? Start a blog and share with the world! Jill founded Stilettos on Sunday Morning in February of 2014 as an outlet for all of her musings on personal style, lifestyle, and beauty. Outside of blogging, Jill works at an entertainment agency where she drinks coffee all day, DJs at bars around town and at private events, focuses on upping her gym rat game, binge-watches Netflix, and plays tug-o-war with her pitbull mix.

You may follow Jill on Twitter as @Jill_Firns, or Stilettos on Sunday Morning on Facebook here.

 Yekta Aarabi 

Journalist || Writer || Traveler

Journalist || Writer || Radio Personality || Traveler

Hailing from Southern California, Yekta is living with one foot in her current hometown Seattle and another foot in her favorite city, Los Angeles. Another Matador alumni to add to the group, Yekta graduated with her Bachelors Degree in Journalism from California State University of Northridge.

Yekta loves anything to do with entertainment news, movie reviews and the obviously, reality TV! A self-made DIY queen who keeps getting super glue stuck on her fingers, and paint on the carpet! A writer of words who loves flats and dies for Kate Spade bags.

You can find Yekta’s published feature articles on her website www.CandidlyYekta.com, her Yelp reviews online dota.yelp.com and of course random tweets on her Twitter @yektaDota.



Negine Jasmine ♡

negine jasmine, doost, what the doost staff

Filmmaker || Photographer || Writer

Negine Jasmine is a 20 year old Afghan film student residing in sunny Arizona. She’s a passionate diarist who aims to dedicate her life to telling ghost stories through photography and filmmaking. She’s fascinating with her culture and thrives to incorporate it into her art and writing at any given opportunity. She writes about issues in our society, music and other artists on two online feminist blogs: Bitchtopia www.bitchtopia.com and The Pulp Zine www.thepulpzine.com.


Instagram @somethingscosmic || Twitter @neginejas


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