The Most Beautiful Time to Visit the Catskills

The Most Beautiful Time to Visit the Catskills

If you haven’t heard about the phenomenon experience of Glamping through Forbes, Huffington Post, or Time — allow me to introduce you to it here. To sum it up real quick, Glamping brings luxury to camping.

I recommend going through Glamping Hub for your next adventure. So many unique experiences to choose from all over the globe. From barns and cabins to tree houses and caves, there are all sorts of types of glamping — you can even rent your own island!!

But first … What is Glamping ↓

Glamping is a portmanteau of glamour and camping and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping.

If you’re traveling upstate like we did, I recommend resting your heads in a cozy rustic cabin in Hunter Mountain, near Albany state ♥ Special thanks to Linda for welcoming her cabin to us. With beautiful views, it sleeps 6, has a fireplace both in and outdoors, plus there is a built-in sauna. There is even a barbecue grill outside on the spacious upper deck — we took advantage of. Hubby makes the best steaks with hunks of garlic.

More about Hunter, NY ↓

Hunter is a town in upstate New York, consisting of two villages: Hunter and Tannersville. The notable Hunter Mountain happens to be the highest peak in the county and the second highest in the Catskills. The mountain is a popular skiing and tubing destination in the winter and is great for biking and hiking in the summer. Glamping upstate any season of the year is great as it’s a different experience every time, but glamping inAutumn is my favorite and the most gorgeous, I think.

At only two hours and 30 minutes from Manhattan, this location is perfect for a quick getaway from New York City. The nearest major city is Albany, a mere hour and 10 minutes away from Hunter. There is a ton of sightseeing and attractions. A visit to the East Coast’s capital city is sure to appeal the heart of any glamper and will show a new side to New York.

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