A Look Into 2017 Fashion Styles with AMCONYC NYFW │SS17

A Look Into 2017 Fashion Styles with AMCONYC NYFW │SS17

What have you learned from Fashion Week?

With AMCONYC, new designer showcase their work and make their mark on NYFW and the world. I wonder, what inspires these artists to set forth trends? Is it the fabric that speaks to them, the way people wear their clothes, or is it just a matter of imagination?

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At the Humane Envy show, I noticed a really wide range of fashion statements made by all the attendees. There were a noticeable few women who wore fashionably-casual outfits that entailed black ripped jeans and a stylish black zip-up coupled with big sunglasses and bright orange lipstick. There were others who went for the “catch your eye” kind of look wearing a heavily distressed denim jacket over ripped leggings that covered a tutu; with rainbow ombre hair might I add! My favorite outfit from fashion week, however, was more on the side of classic.

While waiting for the show to start, I met a woman named Kelsey who was enjoying her first trip to the Big Apple. As pictured below, she wore a beautiful, mid-shin-length, graphic printed, floral dress that was just as elegant as it was a statement. She coupled it with a white leather clutch and a pair of nude flats.

Aliah Banchik


Speaking of flats, due to a foot injury, I was unable to wear heels to the most fashionable week of the year. Although heartbroken that my foot would prohibit me from gaining those 4 and a half inches, I knew that I could find a way around my fashion dilemma and find a stylish pair of flats to wear. So I did, and through this process, I managed to removed the stigma I had surrounding the idea of flats as being “less stylish” than heels.

Aliah Banchik

Me — Aliah Banchik

The lesson here is that flats are not just comfortable, but they are actually super cute and stylish as well!

TIP: Go for the simple ballet flat (like Kelsey) for an elegant look or go for the thigh-high boot like I did to get at that slightly edgy style. No matter the occasion, flats are a reliable and versatile option that I recommend from Fashion Week to school (especially good if there will be a lot of standing or walking).

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Attending a single show at Fashion Week opened my eyes to a diverse range of personal styles. The audience at the show dressed to impress! Makes me feel inspired to be more adventurous in my style because, after all, one’s style is supposed to represent them so I want it to be evident that I am dressin’ to represent .

Yay for self expression!


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Humane Envy just released her spring 2017 collection and it is lovely! Founded by veterinarian Jennifer Stacher. Humane Envy is a clothing line focused on enhancing and feeling comfortable and beautiful in your body. Her goal is for all women of all different shapes and sizes to feel sexy and proud when wearing her clothes and that was totally successful with this collection! She is inspired by her work as a vet and often uses animal prints her her designs to bring together her two passions.

img_1344 img_1351

Jennifer payed close attention to the models she chose. She is determined to push this theme of “beauty comes in all shapes and sizes”.

Using a combination of tall and short models, who wore the clothes beautifully, showcasing the inclusive nature of her brand. She even models some of the clothing herself! She used a bright, festive color pallet for this collection which really stood out to me. From bright fuchsia to the classic black and white, the collection was captivating and successful. She donated a portion of the company’s profit to organizations like Chicago Canine Rescue and the Trio Animal Foundation.

Humane Envy SS17 from John Mastriano | Mastro Visuals on Vimeo.


I attended the Lafayette 148 Soho store opening hosted by Natalie Zfat. It was an open Q & A with the director of retail stores and customer care, Noelle Dubina.

Lafayette 148 is unique in many way! Their design studio, merchandising, showroom, and brand communications are all housed under one roof in their Soho concept store. The unique cluster of these departments, with their design team all together, enables them to upgrade quicker.

They are able to design new styles in-house based on gathering information from their customers which speeds up everything. It enables them to keep up-to-date with the newest trends and desires of their clientele.


During the Q & A I asked Noelle how the brand adapts to these new trends and how they are able to continuously meet the desires of their customers’ style.

She told me: The information is based on customer surveys. These include items that have been selling well in stores and online. With that information, the communications team is able to translate it to the design team.

On average this can be done within two weeks. The stores can be filled with new styles tailored to the specific needs of their consumer.

What the doost

Their new Soho store is absolutely beautiful and all of the clothing is made with the highest quality of fabrics. Some garments with patterns are either all individually hand painted, or dip-dyed. A process done by hand, giving each piece a unique and one-of-a-kind feel. So stop by and check it out!