What to Wear to a Wedding, Guest Attire DOs and DON'Ts

What to Wear to a Wedding, Guest Attire DOs and DON’Ts

Wedding season is another excuse to glam up in the name of love! With Bridal Fashion Week taking over NYC — it’s very fitting to talk wedding guest attires.

Here is my wedding guest how-to dress guide ♥ Be remembered for your grace!

2016 must have been a big time for love and celebrations because I had a few great ones to go to, including my own! Through the process, I picked up a few tips, tricks, and must abide to etiquettes along the way.


Special thanks to Bella for the hair & make-up!

Here’s my advice — you can never go wrong with timeless pieces. Many designers will stick to elegance and simplicity while incorporating seasonal trends. I love something with a bit of shine to it. That’s why align so well with the visions of Theia Couture‘s designer Don O’Neill. Who encompasses the goddess of light (Theia) in every design.

Side note: Theia is the name of the goddess of light.


For my own wedding I went with a timeless Theia Couture gown which I got to work on with Don himself. What I love most about this timeless dress is its beadings and the way it hugs my body. I wanted to go with a dress that, looking back years from now, would still leave me with the same impression — timeless elegance. The beading of the dress is where it got really fun and unique. In some places, the beads shaped hearts — every stitch was carefully made in that when reflected in the right light (the Sun) it would illuminate the goddess within you. And that it did!


While attending other weddings I went with Theia too. Here’s the plus to this one — it has pockets!!


Mr & Mrs. Fransen ✓

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When it comes to wedding guest etiquette, here’s what you need to know:


➀  Don’t outshine the bride. I know, I know, it’s obvious but you’d be surprised at how common it is to remind people of that. It’s not your day and if you have to question it, don’t do it. This is not the time to be bold, daring, or courageous with your style choices. DO stick to elegance and simplicity! DON’T wear white. Even I had to remind a couple of my wedding guests of that….


➁ Be classy not sassy. I will always promote timeless pieces over ‘trends’ and when it comes to choosing a classy look remember to choose an asset (and just ONE) to work around. This means, if you’re showing cleavage then avoid showing too much leg — think long skirts, dresses, or pant suits. If you’re working with a booty then minimize the attention to your chest.


➂ Pockets are not rare. I’m not one who is a fan of carrying clutches — or anything for the matter — so sticking my phone, lipstick, and ID in my pockets was bliss. These rare unicorns are hapening more often, go ahead and search for yours!


➃ Be comfortable ALL day/night long. Avoid outfits that may malfunction as well as heels that will leave you aching or worse, scarred. If you’re wearing a long gown DO go with flats instead.


➄ Be courteous of the venue. For example, if the ceremony is being held at a Catholic church — it might not be a bad idea to cover bare arms with a shall to avoid showing too much skin. After all, this is a family celebration.


➅ Don’t shy away from black. I think the whole don’t wear black is an old taboo we don’t need to follow. The color is not off-limits as long as you keep a smile on!


➆ Stay away from loud animal prints. But if you do, then pair it with a piece that offsets the loud noise. Like this dress from Theia that uses black, and a silk like fabric for the animal print, to soften the look.



Weddings are a joyous occasion! The best thing you can do, for the ones you love tying the knot, is keep a smile on your face. To enjoy yourself even if it means leaving your troubles at the door. This day isn’t just about you, it’s about you AND everyone there sharing in the couples moment. So DO dance, mingle, eat, drink (to a minimum) — because the people you love so much just spent a lot of time, effort, money, and stress to make this day BEAUTIFUL! The one thing you can do to show your appreciation is to indulge fully in the magical day with them.

Special thanks to Ellese Launer for inspiring this article — I had just finished collaborations with Vanity Fair for the Oscars and met a wonderful beauty blogger and now friend Ellese from Rock.Paper.Glam who taught me a few things about elegance and style.