Coming to Terms With the Self-ish Lifestyle│A 3 for 1 Good Deal

Coming to Terms With the Self-ish Lifestyle│A 3 for 1 Good Deal

The Self-ish Lifestyle intrigues me. The more stories Krista shares with me — the more I find myself diving into a world of self awareness.

The Self-ish Lifestyle stands on three pillars; psychic healing, energy therapy, and life coaching.

These are Krista’s gifts, talents, and experiences. Since Krista entered my life, I have felt a move in my path that’s for the greater good (for myself).

Be self-ish to create a ⚖ YOU.



The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is good as dead.

— Albert Einstein

Krista works very hard to keep the vibrational frequency of energy to its highest so that a sense of peace, calmness and safety is embodied in every session (especially in psychic mediumship).

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As I got older the experiences got more intense. In my younger years it was about seeing, though I didn’t know what to make of it. As I got older, there was this night …

Krista’s psychic gifts seemed like something she tried to deny for some time. Like most meaningful journeys, its been a tough one. Every effort to move forward presented tougher situations to untangle from, though the result shaped her into someone who can not just help herself — but those around her too. A process that went from hearing the unknown, to seeing, and finally being physically harmed.

I woke up to an uncontrollable loud shaking of my closet door. I woke my husband, to open it. Behind we saw nothing but imprints of footsteps walking towards our bedroom door. It was heavy. The doorknob started shaking loudly and he was implying that he needed to get out.


Krista is a medium, a channel to these energies. Angel readings are also part of her gift. The thing I love is that Krista is all about the positive lifestyle. Like me, she also believes in manifesting it. Through her gifts, talents, and experiences — she helps guide peoples ‘self’ to the path they’re meant to be on. For some of us, like me, it’s a deep journey.

Krista’s talent is energy therapy through a branch of ancient Chinese medicine called Qi.

Qi (life source energy) Therapy allows me to aid in clearing, moving, and balancing your Qi to help from emotional or physical ailments.

Along with her knowledge of crystals, Krista taps into a powerful way to find your soul’s purpose. She once explained to me that each crystals’ shape, size, and light gives it a different purpose — marking each one unique. Crystals, she also says, choose us — they call for us.

A reading like this can tell you a lot about yourself.



With 3 strong pillars to uphold her, Krista has taken life coaching to a whole new level.

Krista’s approach to her experiences have most often been more mature than her age. In that I mean, Krista has always been a master of disassociation with her earliest memory coming at the young age of 4. Disassociation is the scientific word for something like an outer body experience.

… a dissociated state or out of body experience is when I become numb to what is happening. It is a technique or resource that I naturally embodied for most of my childhood. It also enabled me to see, know, feel, and hear from an objective point of view which I later found out when I tapped into my world of angels and life coaching.

She explains that when it comes to life coaching, the terminology used becomes very different — it becomes scientific, where solutions rely on techniques and methods.

The big difference in angel therapy is that I rely on my intuition and in life coaching I rely on my experiences (not intuition).

Coaching comes from a place where she wants to help young people focus on adolescents with a mission to help people be the best versions of themselves. Krista launched the Self-ish Lifestyle on September 22 ♥ here’s a look into how the love was spread.

The Self-ish launch was on the autumn equinox. This is when the earth and the heavens aligned to support you in entering the metaphorical doorway of change or a journey. Not to mention the ending of mercury’s retrograde. Krista explained that this wasn’t the original date planned but …

I was imprinted/suggested by my angels/guides to move it onto Sept 22. I fought it the entire time because it was on a Thursday and the alpha business woman in me figured that no one would show up.


Most of us learn the hard way and Krista knew not to ignore her higher guidance, she moved the date begrudgingly. However, anxiety filled her head because the rational mind (ego) couldn’t grasp the idea comfortably. It wasn’t until a stranger, crossing Krista’s path, pointed out — ‘Oh you’re having it on the equinox, I get it.’ She said with a smirk and a wink.

My mind went on overdrive and as soon as I could, researched the significance of the event. My 3 pillars (body, mind and spirit) aligned beautifully at the knowledge and significance of the day.

September 22nd proved to be the right decision. A perfectly balanced day, not only because of the cosmic event, but because of the flow of people coming in and out of the event. There wasn’t any chaos — it was tranquil, calm and informative. She was able to connect and speak with every attendee and introduced them to world of angels, Qi, crystals and coaching.

Experience the Self-ish YOU with Krista ♥