Canada's West Coast Is Freaking Awesome |  Victoria, BC

Canada’s West Coast Is Freaking Awesome | Victoria, BC

Victoria, BC is one of my favorite cities. It satisfies my thirst for outdoor natural beauty while also providing all the amenities and idiosyncrasies of an urban setting.

There are a gagillion different activities you can do whether you’re downtown, walking the Harbor, out on the water, or at one of the parks surrounding the cities. Below I’ll share the places that I checked out on my last trip there, which is in NO way comprehensive, but I hope the suggestions give you inspiration for your future Victorian extravaganza.

Outdoor Activities

Gowland Todd Provincial Park has hiking trails for people with various aspirations. You could also be like me and head straight to Mackenzie Bight and finding a flat-ish rock to sit on and stare out into the fjord instead of hiking.

piper, victoria bc canada piper, victoria bc canada

Butchart Gardens is an old limestone quarry turned into a seriously impressive series of gardens. Every time I go, I take a zillion pictures of flowers and convince myself that I’m going to become a watercolor painter and paint them all.

summer-background-1a butchart-gardens

For the Nerds ♥‿♥


A Russell Books Shelfie

Russell Books is a HUGE used bookstore in downtown Victoria. It has two floors and no inventory, you just have to see what’s on the shelves. It is still well organized into genres, and is a great place to discover a book you might never encounter otherwise, in good condition and a killer price. Munro’s Books is another amazing bookstore within walking distance, if you’d new books from a classic bookstore owned by Alice Munro’s family.

Image courtesy from Metro News

Image courtesy from Metro News

Escape Rooms! Have you been? Apparently they’re in most major cities, but my experience at the Horror Escape in Victoria was my first time even hearing about such a thing. If you’re a newbie like I was, here’s the TIP: Escape Rooms are usually themed in some way (horror is just one potential genre), and you and your group have a time limit to escape a room by solving a mystery and various puzzles. My family and I went to the Horror Escape in Victoria. I cannot disclose any information about my experience other than that it was spooky. That music is effective, and I suggest having at least one experienced gamer with you.

Where the Eats @

Azuma SushiIf you’re going to eat raw fish, the Canadian Northwest is the prime place to do it. I suggest the loveboat for 2, 4, or 6, depending on the size of your party, or how hungry you are. Yummy cocktails as well.


The Drake. Local craft beer and the fanciest (while still affordable) bar food I’ve ever had. I suggest the BLT with fresh, raw tuna in it.

MoxiesTheir menu changes every six months and covers classic and international dishes (steak, sushi, tacos, curry, rice bowls, pizza) with drink specials throughout the week. One could call it… Canadian fusion.

Inside Casual Dining Moxies Grill and Bar

Inside Casual Dining Moxies Grill and Bar

In Conclusion

As my nephew says → “Canada is like a chill America.”

Based off of my experiences in British Columbia, Canada’s western-most province, I would respond by saying:

“Why even worry aboot it, eh? Let’s go for a hike, then do some shopping and walk along the harbor to see street performers, then get some fish and chips and end the day with a pint!”


These were some places I checked out, but this list barely touches the surface of what’s available in Victoria. 

If you’ve been and have a favorite spot that wasn’t listed, add it in the comments!