Meet Alaina Albertson: Acrobatic Actress

I wouldn’t recognize myself if I wasn’t doing great things.

Alaina Albertson

Alaina Albertson

Meet Alaina Albertson, a small town girl with big city determinations. Here to enlighten the world with a new magical theater experience and captivate audiences with tools never seen before.

Alaina’s not your typical actress. With intense knowledge of dance and a combination of acrobatic skills.  She is part of a new vision for theater.

alaina alberston in thought

There’s something wonderfully interesting about this ‘white girl with Native American heritage.’

I forced myself to do things I ended up loving.

Alaina came to Manhattan in December of 2012 from the town of Albion, NY. The population is only 5,000 and it’s where she learned life’s most valuable lessons she can now apply to her dreams.

Her aspirations exceed her own desires, brilliantly. She is a true small town girl with a big city heart and here to tell you that you can do the same!

I’m breaking out of my shyness and making good friends.

There is a light that shines within us all. It’s up to us to use the tools life throws at us. Whether it’s to strengthen our faith or test our limits, to embrace each lesson is only the beginning of it.

Apply the lessons life teaches you. It seems to get harder the second time around.

Basically we are a devised theatre group working on Lewis Carrols The Hunting of the Snark.

The proposed project is a dramatization of the story of Lewis Carroll’s Hunting of the Snark, an extended poem in 8 “fits” that tells the story of a maritime crew’s nightmare journey into a landscape of personal fears. Carroll’s characters, like the familiar Alice, exist within imaginary, fantastical worlds where mental states manifest in extraordinary visions. Projected animations would be an ideal way to capture the imaginative life of this poet’s words. At the same time the characters of the work are carefully drawn human beings whose emotive dilemmas can be portrayed by live actors on a theatrical stage.

The collaborating artists propose to present the performance excerpts on the Michigan campus, in New York City and in Vermont.

With the guidance of her mentor Anita Gonzalez, Alaina is destined for greatness!

Anita introduced me into my own culture and brought me into theater.

It’s people like Anita that bring out the best in us!

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I keep auditioning so people don’t forget me.