Live in NYC? You’ll Love ZipCar



As New Yorkers, we enjoy the freedom of not being tied down to a car like the rest of America. We can easily navigate our city by walking, subway, and the occasional taxi.

The convenience of public transportation within the city gives way to the frustration of making trips outside of New York. Do you need to head out to Long Island for the day? Looking to visit Mom in Connecticut for the Holidays? Moving into that new apartment in the village?

ZipCar is a must have luxury if you’re among us New Yorkers without an automobile of our own. Rent by the hour or the day and they’ll include gas and insurance, and mileage to their already affordable prices. They have a variety of sweet rides like Audi A4, Mini Cooper, Mercedes-Benz C250, and now Ford E150 Cargo Vans.

Just use promo code fmeqhotr and sign up now for $40 in FREE driving credits courtesy of What the Doost!?

My advice is to make sure you bring the car back on time to avoid fees, but if you are running late NO WORRIES because you have an easy option to extend on-the-fly using their smartphone app.  Also, there are a LOT of locations to pick up your vehicle, so get your zip on.


ZipCar Locations in NY