The Best Slice in NYC: Joe's vs. Bleecker Street Pizza

The Best Slice in NYC: Joe’s vs. Bleecker Street Pizza

New Yorkers love their pizza!

And since there is so much hype on where to find the best slice — I broke it down to the two most favorites locals refer to: Joe’s vs. Bleecker Street Pizza

Gina D. at Bleecker Street Pizza NYC

This week I took a stroll through the West Village and compared two of the most talked about pizza shops. I have to mention that both places were packed with lines reaching out the door. The line moves quick so don’t let that intimate you. TIP: If you see locals standing in line → do the same! Especially in New York, it’s just that added confirmation that it’s worth it.

Here is what’s good to know:

➀ Joe’s shop gives the ultimate New York experience and the quality is divine!! The crust is thin and crispy with enough cheese to make every bite gooey and flavorful.


Jeff Fransen at Joe’s

The place still maintains its originality and I love that! The owner → Joe Pozzuoli came from the birthplace of pizza: Naples, Italy. For over 37 years he’s been satisfying tastebuds.

➁  I’m a sucker for the classic buffalo mozzarella, with tomato chunks and basil. The Bleecker Street Pizza guys delivered the satisfaction. Not sure if there’s a secret ingredient in the dough or if its just made with extra love, but the crunch on the crust is amazing. The flavor of the tomato sauce is enhanced by finely chopped garlic. The thought of it makes my mouth water up.

Jimmy Kimmel says its the best pizza he “put in his mouth.” The New York Times food critic Sam Sifton insists it’s “Top Five Places” in NYC where a visitor must “definitely eat.” The Food Network named them the best pizza in NY three years in a row.

The best slice in New York, hands down, is Bleecker Street Pizza!

My lovely readers please share your best pizza experiences and tell me where to go next!!