Thrift Shop like Macklemore – for a good cause: Housing Works


Model Cat Widdifield. Welcome to the world of Housing Works

Hey Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping?

I’ve been staying in the West Village for the past week and almost every day I pop into Housing Works to see what treasures I may find. Every day seems like a mini-adventure in there. The selections are beautiful, great quality and amazing deals!

People are all smiles there and the customers have the sweetest things to say.

I’m so excited!

This is my favorite shop.

This is not your typical thrift shop. They have a strong purpose. They are a non-profit healing community of people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. The staff consists of volunteers and interns from all different backgrounds. I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren Guttenplan, the Store Manager at the West Village location. She explained that their mission is to help people who have a low-income or that are homeless living with HIV/AIDS. They even find jobs.

We have one of the best job training programs offered.

On their website their mission states:

Our mission is to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy, the provision of lifesaving services, and entrepreneurial businesses that sustain our efforts.

The staff at Housing Works is extremely helpful, kind and welcoming.

Most volunteer and interns come through regularly.

It’s great because we meet new people. Not everyone comes from a background in retail, it’s all different.

Their selection goes beyond great pieces and prices, from designer clothes to great quality home decor. They have over 12 locations in New York City extending to Brooklyn.

Their 13th location sounds like fun in a bag, literally. The shopper pays $25 for a bag and you can fill it up with as many things that fit in there, all for just $25. This would be a great event to try after happy hour or brunch.

They provide over twelve locations in NYC just click on the link below to find them all. Also, at your convenience, shop online in the comfort of your home and try the auction site here.

Housing Works locations

Furniture is one of the best things here. (Housing Works)

For some of the best designer clothes and accessories check out the West Village shop. Although the furniture there is also as good of a find. The stores in Columbus and Park Slope are more well-known for their home decor.

We have the best customers!

Their Bookstore Cafe is next on my list. Lauren explains that they get a lot of book donations and what better way to utilize it than opening up a Bookstore Cafe next to their SoHo location so people have a place to sit, relax, read and work.

Click on Housing Works and learn how you can help.

My lovely readers!! Know of any good shops for me to try, comment below!!! Also, tell me about the kinds of treasures you’ve found thrift store shopping =)



Model Cat Widdifield rockin’ a $35 fur coat. LOVE!!



Model Cat Widdifield getting cozy on this rad futon! We love the colors!!