Hounds of Love at Unleash: Brooklyn

Thursday night I attended Hounds of Love, an adoption party for the sweet rescues of Dog Habitat Rescue at Unleash: Brooklyn in Greenpoint. A place for loving dogs giving us something to smile about. We met great people and adorable dogs.

The dogs come from all over including shelters, strays, and Animal Care Control.

It’s people like Megan Hall who make this world a better place. She reminds us that there is so much more to owning a pet than food and shelter.

We adopt a lot of dogs into the neighborhood so we can see them often.

Dogs are wonderful! They’re always happy to see us and they show us so much love 24/7. It’s that extra energy boost that gets us through the day when we need it most.

Click on the link to check out their website at Dog Habitat 

Dog Habitat Rescues was started by Rob Maher and his wife Carola. The shelter was founded on the idea that you can only give away so many strays to your friends.

The site is filled with beautiful and heart warming profiles of adorable pups with great stories and personalities waiting to be adopted.

My lovely readers please comment below and share your dog loving stories.

Special Thanks to Grandma Roses for all the delicious food they provided.

Special Thanks to FitBark. World’s tinniest wireless activity tracker & coolest gadget your dog can own!


Joanna Trumino, Megan Hall and Stephanie Valente

Joanna Trumino, Megan Hall and Stephanie Valente

Jeff dog20130926-203801.jpg

Bailey with Adopt a Dog

Mike Chang representing FitBark