Meet B.D White. An Artist for Equality.

Courtney by B.D White

Courtney by B.D White

Art is a form of imagination brought to life. The more one does it the more of the magic they share. We all love it. We all wish we could do it. So it’s only right to appreciate it.

Have you met B.D White? A Brooklyn based large-scale stencil artist. His patience for every detail takes will power. It’s what he does to bring his imagination to life.

B.D White

B.D White

Save Domino

Save Domino

The story of B.D. White is different. It’s a story of passion and finding himself.

Mindful vandalism. I think about what I do.

On a Thursday afternoon on September 12 of 2013 I met with twenty-nine year old B.D. White at a local Williamsburg coffee shop. It marked a first for us both. He’s the first artist I booked to interview for WTD and the first time he was approached by a fan.

B.D White isn’t a one man army. Most of this work is possible because of his team, friends and family. While he was telling me about his assistant, Allen, B.D. was approached by a fan who overheard me saying his same. Not his birth given name but the title of the artist: B.D White.

I wasn’t sure whether to come with prepared questions or to let the conversation free flow because that’s when the most interesting opinions and facts are shared. I knew one thing, I wanted to see more. So I googled him and found his website and more links to his art.

When I asked him about his lifetime goal, it was clear that there would be no stopping him.

It’s my hobby I want to create into a career

His art has a message. When I asked him how he felt about his projects that were painted over, his response was quite humorous.

It’s the nature of it. You want things to last, then don’t paint them on the streets.

The building already has to be cleaned. I’m just making it look nicer in the meanwhile.

Spaceman by B.D White

Spaceman by B.D White

glasses bd white

beauty bd white

It was great because I was becoming big enough to hate. You’re no one until they hate you.

A few weeks ago B.D White was attacked on social media, “You’re a piece of sh*t and so is your work.” His first public hating and he felt proud. He see’s the humor and understands people have different opinions. With that said, I was thrilled to have experienced his first public fan love.

flammingo bd white


Special Thanks

Check out Movette Pictures B.D White spray paints a portrait of Andy.

Modca Cafe

The streets of New York

Thank you Brooklyn

Comment if you’ve seen his work in Williamsburg or NYC!