Meet the Geniuses Behind Flont · The Hottest New Jewelry Innovation

Meet the Geniuses Behind Flont · The Hottest New Jewelry Innovation

By now you may have heard the rave about Flont in publications like Forbes, Vogue, and People. As a brand ambassador, what I love most about their platform is their accessibility and efficiency. More than that, I love their collection and this new era they’re creating by breaking down barriers for us all to be able to have access to a vault full of jewelry all year for less than the price of one piece of jewelry. Remember the website is Flont.Club 

Below you will find my interviews with the core of the team like the innovative CEO and founder, Cormac Kinney; Brooke Magnaghi, Creative Director; Alison Wood, Director of Partnerships; and Adrienne Chan, Marketing Manager.

But first, the breakdown of their platform as told by People → We Tried It Review:

How it works: The concept is brilliant.
Level of Difficulty: Super easy!
The Verdict: Perfect …!

Flont from StoryBridgeNYC on Vimeo.

This concept is not new…. Look at software. People don’t buy it anymore—they subscribe to it. A lot people don’t buy cars anymore—they use Uber, Zip Car or lease them. No one buys computer servers anymore—they use Amazon, Google or Microsoft. All the things that we used to buy is now a service. And we’re trying to enable the next and current generation of women to really enjoy it. By making it more accessible, we’re creating new lifelong clients for fine jewelry.


— Cormac Kinney quoted in Forbes, Founder and CEO


Something this spectacular and life changing — is created by a magnitude of incredible personalities who bring their expertise to this platform which Forbes describes as changing the way we buy fine jewelry.


As promised, in my last article, I got personal with the team of Flont and this is what they shared ↓


Cormac Kinney founder and CEO of Flont

Doost: You’ve created a very interesting blend of software technology and fine jewelry. What was your ‘aha’ moment and how did that play out?

Kinney: My wife, Mimi So, is an artisan jewelry designer, so I’ve had a front row seat to the changes in the jewelry market over 17 years, and especially how it has been disrupted by e-commerce. Fine jewelry is a high-touch sale, and since the new generation wants to shop on their phone, rather than by walking into stores, I decided to find a way to bring the jewelry to them.


I studied the history of sharing, from NetJets to ZipCar, to Rent the Runway, and figured “there must be a way to make that work for fine jewelry”. I’m an entrepreneur with a background in technology, and I have experience in protecting and developing fine jewelry brands. So I figured that I was meant to solve this challenge.


Doost: What fueled you to pursue Flont and what inspires you these days?


Kinney: Jewelry has an incredible history of precious and rare materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and beautiful style. New consumers were not becoming interested and were instead buying throwaway fashion jewelry. My team and I love the art of jewelry and have deep respect for designers. We were inspired to enable everyone to discover jewelry and to enjoy it at an affordable cost. We also wanted to contribute to sustainability and support the designers who inspire us.

Doost: What is your favorite thing about your role at the company?


Kinney: I found a way to be inclusive and supportive to the entire industry. At first, designers were afraid — if we rented out their jewelry, nobody would buy anymore. The opposite turned out to be true. We are creating a huge number of new clients for designers and brands, and so far, 10% of members purchase a piece that they borrow. Soon we will also be helpful to jewelry retailers, who will be able to list their inventory on Flont. Our members will visit their store to borrow, and hopefully become clients when it’s time for an engagement ring of gift.


Doost: Where do you wish to see Flont excel in the near future?


Kinney: We are luxury consumer company that is also becoming a great logistics company. Our first goal is to excel at customer service, making people happy. We are also developing jewelry sharing sites for major partners: global jewelry brands and major department stores. With the goal to excel at making them happy.

We are also expanding internationally, and already have people in Europe and China. We were able to grow and move quickly because of amazing investors like Carmen Busquets – and 18 friends from the fashion, consumer, finance, and media industries.

Doost: What advice would you give your younger self?

Kinney: Don’t ever work for anyone else. Get lots of advice, but often don’t follow it.

Work hard and don’t give up. You need to be ready when luck strikes.

Doost: What is your spirit animal?

Kinney: Tiger, definitely. My wife says it’s dog. She means I’m faithful.

Brooke Magnaghi, Creative Director

With over 20 years of editorial experience at publications such as WWD, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and W Magazine where she served as accessories and jewelry director. Brooke has consulted for top jewelry and watch brands on a range of projects including product development, art direction, branding and brand narrative.

Huffington Post


Doost: Your past experience is epic, can you tell us a little more about how you started in your career and what led you to Flont?

Magnaghi: When I first moved to the city, I landed a gig doing PR for Gaultier, Moschino, Alberta Ferretti and Rifat Ozbek. Then I made the jump to editorial and went to W magazine and WWD where I covered just about every market until I discovered jewelry. My last role was accessories and jewelry director. Then, I started my career as a consultant for jewelry and watch brands, while continuing to work in editorial for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and others and eventually it all led to Flont.

Doost: What is your favorite aspect of Flont?

Magnaghi: It’s a game changer for the industry. It helps designers and consumers sell and experience fine jewelry. It’s introducing fine jewelry to a new generation of shoppers and shifting the way we consume jewelry and luxury items.

Doost: What are three pillars and/or characteristics of your creative thought process?

Magnaghi: Authenticity, simplicity, collaboration

Doost: What advice would you give younger kids who have an interest in following your career path?

Magnaghi: Go for it- keep doing what you love, be open and it will all fall in place.


Alison Wood — Director of Partnerships

Alison Wood has over 15 years experience in the Apparel/Fashion media industry for leading publications, including O, The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar in addition to being in-house at a number of world-renowned designers.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin and the Fashion Institute of Technology, Wood started her own handbag company in 2008 that was carried at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Barney’s. At CBIZ MHM her role as a Business Developer under the Apparel Practice, she is able to leverage her apparel and accessory industry experience to grow the practice and advise clients.

NY Business Journal 

Doost: You’ve also accomplished so much within the fashion industry! Working at some of the greatest publications, alongside some of the best designers, and creating your very own successful handbag collection. My first question for you is, HOW are you this awesome?!?! Did you always recognize your talents within the creative and fashion field or was it something that found you?
Wood: Thank you for your kind words. I was very lucky, wasn’t necessarily talent. Having a mother who was an artist and attending Montessori, then an art focused K-8 school. I think an appreciation for arts, design as well as creative exploration was fostered at a very young age.  I recall making collages and doing sketches from my Sassy and Vogue magazines way back when.
Doost: Can you tell me more about your role at Flont and where you wish to take the brand to?
Wood: My role at Flont is to source develop and execute an organization-wide partnership strategy that contributes to the advancement of customer acquisition and brand exposure.  My hopes is for Flont to become the go-to source for fine jewelry – discovery, education, exploration, inspiration.  Also to have “flont” become a verb.


Doost: What are your two favorite accessories from the vault?
Wood: Crow’s Nest, Who Needs a Rose Bangle & Deborah Pagani, Large Dagger ring.
Doost: Who are the top three brands, clubs, influencers or celebrities that best align with the Flont lifestyle?


Wood: Due to their inspirational, aspirational luxury goods and/or what they’ve curated I would say ↓

  • LVMH which houses an incredible assortment of luxury fashion, accessories, beauty, hospitality, and spirits.
  • Neuehouse Club who foster a community of creative entrepreneurs who have an appreciation for design.
  • Blake Lively – appreciates fashion and jewelry. She’s willing to take chances and is not afraid to experiment. She weaves in affordability, sustainability and eco fashion.  

Doost: What is your spirit animal?

Wood: Maybe a Galapagos penguin or African leopard..never thought about it!


Adrienne Chan, Marketing Manager

With over a decade of experience in New YorkCity’s retail and luxury industry, Adrienne Chan brings a fresh creative outlook into the strategy and personality at Flont.

Doost: What or who best describes the Flont lifestyle?


Chan: No one (person), which is the heart of the matter. Flont was created for anyone & everyone. For me, Flont isn’t about any one style or defined by any particular type of woman. The concept is based upon an interesting theory – that precious jewels can be shared and beautiful things should be accessible to everyone. I wonder how many women really come into contact with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and well – diamonds, on a routine basis?

I remember the look on your (Gina’s) face when I first showed you the pieces. Your eyes opened up and your entire face lit up – like a little girl at the candy bar. I thought, “YESSS. Success. That’s what we’re going for, a million times over.”


Much like most exclusive industries, especially in New York, the fine jewelry market is relatively small. The brands are well-known and hence familiar, the messaging seems familiar – until Flont steps in. A history high school professor once said,


Great minds do NOT think alike. They have the courage to think differently.
… that phrase always stuck with me! When I first heard of the concept (Flont), I was attracted to the potential depth of the platform. Yes, it was on the surface an innovative shopping experience, but also had the potential to mean much more. Who knows? Perhaps it starts a retail revolution! After all, sharing is caring.



Doost: I love your creative eye for shoots, what is your ideal location and theme for a Flont photo shoot if the budget was unlimited?


Chan: You know better than to ask a dreamer a hypothetical without also providing boundaries! Quick summary…


A.) Remote island, like St Lucia – private beach with a mountain backdrop.
B.) A cave. Anywhere, but preferably South America.


A woman walks quietly along the shoreline, tracing the tides as they glide in and out and discovers jewels in the sand. She follows the “diamond-crusted-road” OR deep down in a cave of crystals with all sorts of precious jewels lining the caves’ walls.


I think the latter is pretty neat because it traces back to the raw nature of precious gemstones.