If Fine Jewelry Makes a Statement, Flont Is Like Your Golden Library

If Fine Jewelry Makes a Statement, Flont Is Like Your Golden Library

Don’t you wish you could have a different gem-encrusted statement piece for each big event on your calendar? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a vault full of fine jewelry to choose from? What if there was a way to do just that — with convenience? You need to know about joining the Flont Club.

I’m so happy to announce my partnership with Flont because it’s a great opportunity for young ladies like us who are on the go and trying to make a statement — but don’t have an unlimited budget. Flont is attainable luxury for the modern young professional.

From rare and luxurious to vintage and exclusive designers, you can choose from it all. To see how simple it is to get started, watch this video of my first time with Flont, selecting the Loree Rodkin diamond gold earrings.

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I’m still enchanted by old Hollywood glamour. The era of Marilyn Monroe, when she taught us why Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Or when Audrey Hepburn convinced me to yearn for having Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Then there’s always the iconic lifestyles of Elizabeth Taylor and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Flont gives me that feeling with practicality…

Jewelry is perfect as a service — while it’s expensive to own, you need different pieces for different events and outfits to stand out among the crowd. For under three hundred bucks a month, you can rock diamonds one weekend and rubies the next. The way Flont works is that you sign-up online, choose from their collection, order, and they deliver. If you’re ever in New York, they’re based in Manhattan overlooking Rockefeller Plaza where you can stop by and visit the vault. So much fun!


Here’s how Flont works…

There are two options to using Flont. The first is membership based → this gives you access to unlimited jewelry with pieces valued from $5,000 to $12,000. You get to Flont jewels anytime, and buy what you love at a member discount if you want.

Feels so right when it looks this good 💎 @flontclub #flontit

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Publications like WWD and Vogue have recognized the brilliance, in articles like Armarium and Flont.Club Dress San Francisco Society in Style.

There’s a second option that would allow you to indulge without committing to a membership. This means → Renting jewelry on one time basis. You can get the full how Flont works breakdown here or email them directly with any questions at concierge@flont.club.


I like that each piece takes my outfit up a level. It’s fun to also mix their pieces with some of my own. I used their Tiffany & Co. Diamond Gold Collar Necklace with my customized Doost necklace and YSL chain with an added evil eye protector my mom gave me two decades ago.

My rings: Antonini Turquoise Diamond Cocktail Ring · Deborah Pagani Derby Ring · The Louis Vuitton Charm Rings


During my birthday weekend, I had no clue what to wear, so I walked in with a few dresses and walked out with diamonds. Their team of stylist gave me a relaxed one-on-one service for a get-to-know you (priceless) experience. I needed all aspects of my styling service, from the mood they provide to their selections.

They helped me pick out a few pieces, including their Buccellati Impressive Filidoro 18K Gold Long Drop Earrings and 1980s Large Hammered 18K Gold Link Bracelet, I wore with my Badgley Mischka gown.

Then there’s always channeling my inner Pocahontas ↓ wearing their Diamond Turquoise Large Earrings.

Their team of fashionistas and techies do all the work to provide the Flont experience. Being easily convenient, affordable, insured, and straight to you door through FedEx. With a constant update and maintenance to their collections → new, vintage, and priceless pieces for an entire year for less than half the cost of one piece.

How Flont started…

As the husband to a prominent fine jewelry designer, Cormac Kinney saw great potential in a new niche. Coming from a software specialist and serial entrepreneur background; founding 8 start-ups that were all successes. As well as working in the jewelry industry bringing fair trade to its designers….

I stopped becoming a software developer to become a jewelry executive. We (with wife, Mimi So) traveled the world opening stores in Tokyo, Beverly Hills and a big store in New York. The point is that the whole time we have been married I have been very involved with a great New York jewelry brand.

I’m probably one of the few people to have built commercial software technology and launched start-ups, and actually know fine jewelry very well.

— Cormac Kinney

There is so much more I want to tell you about Flont. Come back for my article next month, when I interview the founder and creators, and maybe let you in on another little secret.