Beauty by Nature · a Look Into the Benefits of Essential Oils With Expert Amy Galper

Beauty by Nature · a Look Into the Benefits of Essential Oils With Expert Amy Galper

Essential oils have been taking over my life and for good reasons too. The first week, returning back to the states, I was invited to Beauty by Nature which was put together by Art Naturals and hosted at the 1 Hotel near Central Park. Over endless platters of sushi and refreshments, we talked benefits ranging from beauty to medicinal. Executive Director and founder of NY Institute of Aromatherapy, Amy Galpe explained…

Our sense of smell is directly linked to the part of our brain called the limbic system, which is what controls all of our unconscious behavior and emotions. That’s why when we smell something it can trigger a feeling or an emotional response or memory.

— Amy Galpe

the top 8 essential oils to know ↓

    Eucalyptus Oil helps with minor skin and scalp irritations, eases tension and can double as a disinfectant for your home.
    Tea Tree Oil acts as an antiseptic, fighting fungal and bacterial infections, clearing acne and soothing sores.
    Frankincense Oil combats fatigue, reduces swelling, increases circulation and regenerates skin cells.
    Lemongrass Oil relieves indigestion, regulates menstruation, improves circulation, relieves headaches and boots immunity.
    Peppermint Oil clears congestion, relieves migraines, soothes sore muscles and eases stress.
    Rosemary Oil treats dull skin, arthritis, respiratory issues and poor circulation.
    Lavender Oil promotes a restful sleep and heals minor burns, cuts, bee stings and bugs bites.

I’m currently inhaling rosemary oils, because in addition to the benefits I mentioned, it also stimulates hair growth, boosts mental activity, and relieves respiratory problems as well as reduces pain. It also improves one’s mood and helps uplift depression. While all those are great benefits, I’m in it for the mental activity.

I was told that Shakespear use to write with rosemary on his desk, religiously. He believed it helped him focus. I agree, it’s helping me.

Like me, this LA based company Art Naturals believes…

…that beauty treatments should stem from the purest forms of nature. We gathered the finest ingredients and extracts from around the world to handcraft health-conscious essentials for your skin, hair, mind, body and spirit.

Thrilled for all the new products that have entered and enlightened my days ↓ my favorite is their oil diffuser set  humidifier. Using a combination of the essential oils, I make my own mixes and use some of their suggested ones.


A fun fact I learned from reading, journalist and contributor for Vanity Fair, Azadeh’s article is that the founders are Persian. Like me!!! So cool ♥


Q&A with Amy Galpe ↓

Doost: What are a few things you wish people knew more of/about essential oils and its benefits?

Amy: Just by smelling an essential oil you can greatly reduce your stress response. Plants product essential oils to bolster their own immune systems and to protect them against infections – and they have the same benefits for us. Essential oils are an easy fix for centering the mind and the body. They remind us of how amazing plants are.

Doost: Are there any negatives?

Amy: No, if used responsibly.

Doost: What is your favorite combination?

Amy: I love lavender blended with White Pine and Hemlock Spruce OR frankincense, sandalwood and helichrysum

Doost: What are some of the things that inspire you and motivate you to follow your passion?

Amy: Essential oils awaken the spirit and heal the soul – they can inspire us to change our behavior, and to reconnect to nature. I’m inspired everyday by my students who show me news ways to dig deeper, sell out our classes, and create delicious smelling botanical beauty products

See a full list of benefits including cleaning hacks and more here!