How-To Improve Your Skin, Diet, and Overall Health Like Maria Marlowe

How-To Improve Your Skin, Diet, and Overall Health Like Maria Marlowe

Try something new! If you have ever considered changing your diet for the better, this girl is such an inspiration. Health and wellness guru, Maria Marlowe spoke at Rebecca Minkoff NYC Soho about ways to improve your skin, diet, and overall health. It is ACTUALLY attainable!

Top 3 Excuses for not eating healthy and the hacks behind them ↓

1. “Too expensive”

○ Yes, Maria even admits it herself, eating organic and fresh food all the time can get pricey (especially if you’re trying to shop at Whole Foods), however there are some solutions to this dilemma!

○ Thrive Market ( is, as Maria says, “as if Whole Foods, Cosco, and Amazon all had a baby”. That’s pretty accurate. It is a website where you can find all the healthy, natural products you could ever wish for and for half the price that they are normally sold at places like Whole Foods. And as if that isn’t amazing enough already, you have them shipped right to your doorstep! Use the link to get 20% off your first order!

2. “I don’t have time”

○ Valid. Time is precious and we tend to dedicate the most time to the things that we deem to be important. If you are like me, and eat whatever is close/convenient/edible, then you probably do not prioritize eating/preparing food simply because you don’t really need to. However, it is up to us to fix that for ourselves. It is something that we need to change for ourselves. We must make eating healthy something as deserving of an hour as watching that last episode of Stranger Things. That is the only way to get yourself going on the healthy track and to debunk this excuse.

○ Also, Maria recommends batch cooking on Sunday to last you through the week! Talk about saving time! Get some friends together (or go mommy daughter style) and dedicate an hour or two Sunday night to preparing some easily reheatable dishes for yourself for the rest of the week.

3. “I don’t know how to” Now you do. She has dozens of amazing and simple recipes that will change the way you think about food. It’s amazing!

The first thing you must do when trying to improve your health, according to Maria, is realize that you are not​ cursed. We must realize that we were not simply born with “bad genes” which decide for us our physique or skin type. It is just our diet. Simple changes in our diet will have amazing results…

The second (and arguably most important) step in this diet transformation is, yes, vegetables. Maria strongly recommends that 50% of all 3 of your meals be vegetables. Makes sense!

The third thing you must do is experiment! There are plethoras of ways to make vegetables not suck (if you currently don’t like them like myself)! You can cook them in all types of fancy ways and cover them with all types of overpowering sauces so that you learn to like them!

I asked her an honest question from the bottom of my stomach and that was: “hey! I hate all type of vegetables! Am I a lost cause?” And her answer was “of course not! You just haven’t had them prepared the right way yet.”

And that is when she recommended my new favorite hobby: spiralizing. Oh. Mah. Gawd. This is so fun, healthy, instaworthy, and most importantly, yummy. See, I don’t mind carrots that much, but there is never a day when I’m like “hmmm I’m ravished…I could really used a nice large bowl of carrots”…. Like no. That doesn’t happen. However, spiralizing my carrots and tricking my brain into thinking they are noodles, then proceeding to cover them in pesto, is something I crave probably too often. It’s just pesto pasta with a pasta substitute of carrots!! It is honestly so good and easy to prepare. Make it the day before, but it in a little mason jar, and you got yourself a nice healthy lunch that you can feel good about.

Go try it and have fun with it!!!

Side note: She rocked and inspired me to create a healthier diet even without liking vegetables that much! Because of her I made this one week meal plan ↓