5 Ways to Relax During Your Next Staycation with Kerry Miller in Cali ☼

5 Ways to Relax During Your Next Staycation with Kerry Miller in Cali ☼

Relaxation is a key ingredient in one’s life because it helps create balance and there is a strong connection that enhances both our mental and physical health. Sometimes finding those things can be a challenge, but there are so many options to try and find what works best.

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.

— William S. Burroughs

Staycations are all about vacationing in your own city. Getting to know the town you already love just a tad bit better. It gives you that getaway feeling, without going far. To decompress and take a step back from everyday life.

My recent staycation was to nearby Newport Beach, California with my best girlfriends. I took along my favorite accessory combo → Kate Spade tote paired with my Daniel Wellington watch, cuff and mini wallet → Bonus: use the code ‘WHATTHEDOOST’ to get 15% off till March 15th at DW. Along with fun ensembles from Sidecca and Target.

Now that I am packed and ready to go, Newport Beach was a quick 50 minute drive down the 5 Freeway. I arrived in Newport and it allowed me to wake up each morning by the water and just simply be in the moment.

➀ Make the plans and choose your destination.

➁ Indulge in your favorite foods 

➂ Wake up with coffee and the beach 

➃ Don’t forget to pamper yourself without breaking budget — at home spa’s

➄ Meditate — whether it’s in the form of yoga or a glass by the water. Take the moment to zone out and appreciate your presence. 

Here’s my Staycation Breakdown:

I was able to truly enjoy all we had planned for the weekend with great food at Zen Sushi → Starbuck’s by the water each morning to → Mama D’s Italian Restaurant. It was a staycation of relaxation and it was a nice change of pace to not be on the go. Instead being present with friends, in the moment. 

With my staycation of relaxation in the books, it is time to touch on a couple pamper activities that are bound to help put you in a state of complete zen. These next two are a perfect combination for ultimate relaxation. They are an at home facial (Freeman’s Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask) paired with a bubble bath & candles. What makes these great to achieve a state of complete zen? The scents of the bubbles and candles have a natural relaxing aroma that is perfect after a long day or week. Mixing an at home bubble bath with an at home facial, which helps release the toxins and allows your face and self to chill, creates relaxation magic fit for a Queen or King.

After the relaxing day of pampering it is time to exercise with calm at yoga. Yoga is all about breathing. Centering one’s self to focus and let go. When doing downward dog (or the tree pose) puts me in a zone of happy and peace. This leads to a long state of relaxation.

I hope if you all try it that it brings you relaxation and clarity as well. What is so great about yoga is its accessibility now. We have Core Power, Class Plass, You Tube or at home DVD’s. Hope you enjoy your next tree pose and feel free to reach out to join for a group yoga sesh!

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Sitting in my comfy chair with tea and my favorite new book, Superficial by Andy Cohen, relaxes my mind while absorbing information. It gets me ready for a god night’s sleep and a refreshed next day.

Carving out time for one’s self to relax can be a challenge, but when you do → you won’t regret it. It will benefit all aspects of your life. Hope these relaxing tips will help you have a more balanced life.

~Kerry Miller

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