What to Expect During the FounderMade 2017 Wellness Summit

What to Expect During the FounderMade 2017 Wellness Summit

Last year I attended the FounderMade event where beauty was the focus — this year it’s all about wellness and I couldn’t be happier! Once again I will be surrounded by impactful founders, entrepreneurs, and game changers. Since this year I’ll be back at it again → I’ll also be streaming live via @WhatTheDoost on both Instagram and Snapchat. So catch me there!

So much to smile about with @aryaessentials at the #Foundermade beauty summit today!

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With a mission to help further build the future of consumer business, their website explains: 

The FounderMade Wellness Summit connects the smartest minds in health and wellness who are leading trends in investing, distribution, technology, acquisition and marketing. The Summit will give you access to the most influential thought leaders in wellness through panels, Discovery Lounge, and our Shark tank style pitch competition.

As an entrepreneur and a woman with passion to heal the world — I appreciate the power of likeminded people coming together to further help advance one another through informative conversations.

[Last tickets to meet wellness founders like Simone this Feb 3 in bio!] Get ready to face whatever the universe throws at you with impactful advice from @bodybysimone founder, Simone De La Rue. If you were at our Wellness summit earlier this year, you heard her firsthand: “You create from the ground up All the love, passion, and hard work that you put into it is a reflection of you. It's whatever your dreams are – whatever your hopes are – you can pour all of that energy into creating something with your name on it.” Stay focused on why you started in the first place. . . . #Founder #Startup #Entrepreneur #Mentor #Consumer #Business #Inspire #Investing #Invest #Entrepreneurship #Innovators #NYCWellness #SpringStudios #SharkTank #Startups #Fundraising #Wellness #NYCEvent #StartupLife #StartupNYC #Entrepreneurs #EntrepreneurLife #Entrepreneurial #Fundraising #Leader

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Founder behind Kind Snacks, Daniel Lubetzky speaks on his amazing experience at our Summits. It’s not just a day for #networking and hand-shaking. It’s about making #connections and listening to the stories other amazing people like you have to share! Every founder, investor, & entrepreneur in the room have one thing in common, and that is a passion for their craft. FounderMade brings it all under one roof. Don’t miss out on our next #summit! [Link to tickets in bio] . . . #Founder #Startup #Entrepreneur #Mentor #Consumer #Business #Inspire #Investing #Invest #Entrepreneurship #Innovators #NYCWellness #SpringStudios #SharkTank #Startups #Fundraising #Wellness #NYCEvent #StartupLife #StartupNYC #Entrepreneurs #EntrepreneurLife #Entrepreneurial #Fundraising #Leader

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People I’m looking forward to hearing from this 2017 FounderMade summit:

  • Morgan Radford, NBC
  • Sarah Robb O’Hagan, Former President, Equinox & Founder, ExtremeYou
  • Amy Keller Laird, Editor-in-Chief, Women’s Health
  • and Neil Parikh, Co-Founder & COO, Casper

Last summit, the day ended with a Shark-tank style pitch competition which was hosted by a panel of experts. I’m looking forward to that again. To join me this Friday — see here for tickets!

In case you’re interested, below is a video and description from FounderMade’s event last year in 2016.

→ Investing in Wellness Summit – Founder Stories:

Founder stories have the unique ability to connect, inspire and educate. Our founders will discuss their beginnings, their aha moment and how they have become successful entrepreneurs and authorities in the wellness industriy. Through their experiences-positive, negative, intentional and accidental- we hope to show how important entrepreneurship is and what it means to have a mission and purpose in everything you do.

Moderated by Morgan Radford, NBC Reporter
Joy Bauer, Health Expert, Today Show & Founder, Nourish Snacks
Payal Kadakia, Founder, ClassPass
Tyler Gage, Founder, Runa
Rohan Oza, Co-Founder, CAVU Venture Partners Constantine Bisanz, Founder, Aloha

FounderMade’s Investing in Wellness Summit – Founder Stories from FounderMade on Vimeo.