The Dual Experience with Jacqueline Helene Barsky

The Dual Experience with Jacqueline Helene Barsky

When I Need a Professional Make-Up Artist and Yoga Instructor to the Rescue↓

I call for Jacqueline Helene Barsky → a professional who has combined her passions into talent as a make-up artist and yoga instructor. She is the ultimate dual experience.

Tip: Before I get into this in depth interview with Jacqueline Helene, it’s important that I stress…

The best gifts in life are often in forms of experiences. And when it comes to someones special day(s) — booking the right professional with a dedicated attitude makes for all the difference.

Because if you’re a bride — like I was — there are SO many things that fill up your platter that having the right perspective in approaching these last minute issues and dilemmas is everything!!


Jacqueline Helene Barsky is a woman of many talents — a professional in two fields that inspire her most. As a makeup artist, Jacqueline Helene’s talents have graced the pages of Vogue, Glamour, Conde Nast, and NBC to name a few.


As a certified Yoga Instructor (e-RYT 200) → Jacqueline Helene has serenaded me with her skills. For my wedding last year, September 2016, we booked her for two reasons — the dual experience! If it wasn’t for her professionalism, kind heart, and wonderful skill sets — my day would have been a whole lot of stressfulness.

The morning meditation put me in the right state of mind — calm, relaxed, loved, and extremely happy! I highly believe that perspective is everything and the morning practice allowed me to get myself in the best place possible.

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Doost: How did you get started in this field and what inspired you to fully convert into the profession? And could you tell us about what motivates you these days to continue this dream? 

Jacqueline Helene: Working as a professional makeup artist gives me so much joy and fulfillment. It is truly a passion of mine. I’m able to watch people come to life in their own skin. They look great, they feel great, they’re confident; it’s a wondrous thing.

But being in this human form, I craved more, something deeper. Not only did I want to help people heal and feel beautiful on the outside, but I wanted them to heal and feel beautiful on the inside as well, and I wanted it to last longer than one quick face-wash.

Doing makeup and teaching yoga allows me to enhance a persons beauty from the inside, out. For me, that’s a perfect balance.

I will be honest with you- the first time I got on a yoga mat, I was not with it. It was difficult to hold a pose for long, and I felt inadequate. Watching the instructor that day, I thought to myself “I will never be able to do this.”

I thought this because, well let’s be truthful, I wanted instant gratification.

I wanted to jump onto my forearms and get into Vrishchikasana (Scorpion pose) The journey seemed too long, and at the time, patience was not my virtue. Until it was.

I found myself on the mat again months later with a completely different mindset.

The goal always is to keep learning, keep growing, and eventually, help others to do the same.

I began training at Sacred Sounds studio in Manhattan and began teaching shortly after.

Doost: I’d like to talk about my experience with you the morning of my wedding — can you please elaborate from your perspective? Like how you prepared, how it went, what you advise for others wanting to do the same etc.

Jacqueline Helene:

The main purpose of morning yoga pre wedding is to instill peace, calmness, and love on a day that can be somewhat chaotic and anxiety driven. It is easy to lose sight of what really matters on that day.

The morning of your wedding, I prepared the Chelsea rooftop with tea candles and incense. A carefully thought out playlist played from the speakers. The floors were draped with colorful blankets below the yoga mats. The mats were courtesy of Total Fusion Studios in Harrison, New York. Big thanks!

I began the class seated with the sounds of a singing bowl to set the tone.

Starting off with a carefully thought out Mudra, I chose the Lotus Mudra for your special day.

The Lotus Mudra symbolizes purity. It is known to invoke the heart chakra; where love, goodwill, affection, and communication live harmoniously.

With hands at heart center, the edges of the hands and pads of the fingers touch (the bud of the lotus flower) the hands then open and spread as wide as they can go (this is the lotus blooming to receive). This mudra allows you to open yourself to the divine force of the universe and receive whatever it is you may be seeking.

Following the Mudra, I read an affirmation that I asked everyone to recite with me out loud.

I open myself to the universe, I open myself to the good that exists in every human being, I open myself to love and happiness, to a lifetime of adventures, and most of all, I open myself to the Divine, so that I will be richly blessed.

The vinyasa flow following, was a well planned out sequence of asanas that focused on opening the heart chakra, and backbends to energize and renew for the big day to follow.

I finished the class with an ode to the bride and groom, and asked everyone to join with a closing “OM.”

Seeing that feeling of bliss on the brides face after class is a priceless moment. She is now ready to take on her day!

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For brides or anyone for that matter, that are hoping to achieve a certain mindset, goal, or overall feeling, I suggest putting careful thought into the mudras, playlists, affirmations, essential oils and the overall mood of the class you hope to set forth.

There are so many little details that leave an impression on your class. From the aesthetics, to the sequencing. Every little thing can take your class to a new and different place.

Doost: In your opinion, what are the 3 greatest benefits of yoga?

Jacqueline Helene: In my opinion, the benefits of yoga are endless and unlimited. If I had to choose three of the most powerful that I’ve observed through my own practice as well as others, they would be:

  1. mental stability/strength
  2. peace of mind, and awareness.
  3. I know you said three, but physical strength, lengthening, and toning are definitely worth mentioning. 

Doost: What’s your favorite yoga pose?

Jacqueline Helene: There are so many poses that I love. But I would have to narrow in on ↓

  1. Backbends — they are my absolute favorite! Especially in the colder months. They are asanas that generate heat, increase blood flow, instantly boost your mood, and reenergize. Which make for great pick me ups for that sluggish, tired feeling. They can also be a little scary, and I like that.
  2. Another favorite of mine is Stargazer — it’s grounding and lifting all at once. Plus it looks beautiful and feels cosmic.

Stargazer Pose

Doost: What are the best yoga poses and tips?

Jacqueline Helene: The good news is yoga can be practiced anywhere, anytime. There are hundreds of articles on Car yoga and Chair yoga that make it much easier to incorporate poses throughout your daily routine.

I recommend backbends and inversions for the colder seasons. They will warm you, increase blood flow, and give you that much needed pick me up during hibernation months.

Simple twists are also great around the holidays. With all of the food we are eating, twists will improve digestion, detox, and de-stress, amongst other numerous benefits.

A few poses before bed for five minutes and a couple of stretches in the morning will inevitably improve your nights/days. Remember, you don’t have to push yourself too hard. It’s all a journey.

Special thanks to this wonderful being! I’ve come across many professionals in the field of beauty and yoga → and can truly say that Jacqueline Helene is one of those rare gems that brings more to the situation than most. Her calm demeanor, friendly approach, and professional skills are unmatched.