Tips from a Life Coach In Tune with Both Worlds -- Krista from the Self-ish Lifestyle

Tips from a Life Coach In Tune with Both Worlds — Krista from the Self-ish Lifestyle

The world can be a whole lot of things → #AllTheFeels

But I’ve found that through the beauty of humanity and the experts who make it their mission to uplift others ♥ the world is a beautiful place.

I got lucky when I met psychic healer and life coach Krista Nerestant — founder of the Self-ish Lifestyle amongst other things — yeah she’s a badass entrepreneur like that. Over the past 6 months — Krists has shared tips with me that have helped me elevate in certain areas of my life. Here’s a few of them in hopes they help you too! For starters ↓

TIP: Meditate — it’s through meditation that you gain knowledge about the self, yourself. Only you, in essence, really knows whats good for you. The law of attraction is what the universe responds to.

Angels talk to me in numbers sometimes — because numbers don’t lie. It’s a universal language and the school of sacred geometry is so intense — that’s what I love about this world — we keep growing because we keep learning.

She says → Wisdom is knowledge gained through experience.

TIP: It’s important to allow your emotions to release — yes that even means crying. It’s good for you. She encourages it because Krista stresses that emotions need to be let out of your body — if you don’t it will build within you. Emotions are a physical thing. The pores don’t exist in your body just because. They are the doorways to release, intake, and the energy world.

If I knew there was dark shit, I knew there was a path to light. Since my experiences were so dark, I knew that aligning myself with the light I could be free.

Let’s be real here, in order to tap into the light and find her magic, it didn’t come easy. Krista took a traumatic journey on the dark side of the path.

… because I’ve seen some shit, and I mean deep things from spirits getting physical to the unexplainable. The experience taught me to align myself with the good — the angels. In my line of work, I’m not telling you what to do — I’m simply showing you what your inner soul is trying to show you.

TIP: You too can have the gift, no one is special yet all are. It’s up to each individual to decide whether or not you want to use it. Through the Self-ish Lifestyle Krista will help you obtain your gift and help you use it. Trust me — I’ve been there. Krista can open you up energetically.

Through the Self-ish Lifestyle, I will help guide you as you dive deep into your journey of self discovery. I will support you through my NLP coaching, Angel Readings, Mediumship services, and through my Qi Healing Therapy repair the psychical.

If you have a gift — people will try to steal it. Black magic exists. Magic is earth bound, at the end of the day we are all connected. Magic is alchemy which is now interpreted as psychics.

It is time for you to meet your guides, angels, and your very own self archetypes.
They will aid you, help expand you, and balance your universe — so that you may be the best and highest version of being. If you are not at your best and highest good, then ultimately your surrounding macrocosms aren’t so great either.

TIP: If you’re a parent, ask your child — most effective in children who just start learning how to speak, ages one through five — “Did you pick mommy and daddy or did we pick you? How did you end up here?” Their answer will surprise you. Krista says, the soul picks the parent.

And the best TIP of all ↓

A little more about Krista’s journey:

Like many intriguing tales — it consists of beauty, mystery, and two wonderful dogs. But before I get into Krista’s story about accepting her gift → it’s important to note that like most great things in life the first step to healing and growing is understanding who, why, what, and how you are in any situation.

On a strange blissful night at a historical boutique hotel in Pennsylvania → Hotel Fauchere. Krista was visited by a beautifully captivating spirit … but warned. Described as the moment of her wake-up call, she felt her dogs in danger. The spirit, who introduced herself as the original owner of Hotel Fauchere — became physical with Krista. And her dogs became extremely fearful but still protective. Animals have a wonderful sense for seeing the unseen and when both her husky and yorkie responded with extreme fear — Krista felt their lives in danger. But it’s what the spirit was trying to tell Krista that may have ultimately saved her life.

She, the spirit, was very loving in the beginning.Describing her to be around 25 years old, she was showing Krista glimpses of her life and the hotel as it originally stood. In front of a painting, in a state of admiration, the spirit turned dark. She said:

I don’t think you should move to California. You shouldn’t move!

Being this was an idea Krista and her husband were entertaining — the spirit continues to show Krista visions — of a house, on the side of a mountain, trembled beneath into the ocean because of a mass earthquake.

Krista may not look like your ordinary psychic — but with the power of her 3 elements — she’s THE BEST you’ll find on the East Coast ↓ Krista has grown to become an expert in her field. When it came to the world of spirits, she was only fearful because she didn’t understand or know enough of what was happening.

I embody the power of 3: The Mind enacts, the body physically endures and the Spirit empowers all.

And here’s a TIP from me: Do you have someone close getting married — get them a few sessions!! It will do wonders for them — I know because I did. I used the Self-ish Lifestyle during the months leading up to my wedding and with Krista’s help — I was far from a bridezilla. She helped me release stress, find my center, focus on my intentions, and got me to keep myself grounded. These elements I still use and continue to strengthen. Seriously, the best gift you can get someone.

Connect with Krista and experience the growth through the Self-ish Lifestyle