The Top 70 Apps For Your Mental Health

The Top 70 Apps For Your Mental Health

One of the best forms of motivation for health and mental wellness circa around each New Year. Because as the saying goes the New Year brings a New You 

But this year, that means consistency and with the help of technology and these 70 best mental health apps, it’s possible. So whether you have 10 minutes or an hour a day → make a window for mediation and prepare to be elevated! Because once you raise your awareness, you raise your opportunities. In all areas of your life.

Here’s a list of the best meditation apps for your mental health — compiled by health expert Roman Sukharenko — to help you achieve greatness ↓

1. Headspace

Your gym membership for your mind. With Headspace ↓

The intention of these techniques is to cultivate awareness and compassion so that we might better understand the mind, as well as our relationship with the world around us.


What others are saying about the app: 

This is the only app I pay for, and it’s certainly my favorite. I have used it for 2 years and it keeps me on track with my meditation practice. There are “packs” I like more than others, but overall I’m really impressed with the simple and effective guided sessions. It keeps me accountable and it provides me with lots of guided meditations to choose from, including exercises on sleeping, happiness, focus, appreciation, anxiety, etc. What I pay for the app is less than going to one in-person meditation class a month, so it’s well worth it for me considering how much of an improvement I see in my mood and outlook when I’m meditating.

In terms of cons, my biggest pet peeve about the app is that if you decide midway through a pack of themed sessions that you don’t like it, or want to switch to a different pack, the only way to do that requires losing all your progress — you have to finish your current pack before starting a new one. Some packs are 30 sessions, which makes this quite a commitment….

— Read more of olivia24 review here.


2. Mindbliss

An empowering meditation app designed to accelerate your evolution and even grow alongside you. With Mindbliss you have 3 ways to grow — through sessions, journeys, and events.


They have a large variety of content — brain entrainment, binaural beats, guided meditation — with over 26 well known authors contributing whereas other apps provide 1-5. Authors like Hemy-Sync, The Source Vibrations, and iAwake.

This is brilliantly beneficial for each user who can curate and choose the voice that fits their style best. The option is subscription base so you get access to the entire library instead of having to pay for each track you want.

Are you the type that enjoys meditating with company?

Discover what it’s like to connect with thousands around the globe in group-meditation, while building awareness for causes you believe in.

What others are saying about the app: 

Falling more and more in love with this experience! Thank you for creating this! — Ana Mantilla 

3. Calm

Relax with Calm, a simple mindfulness meditation app that brings clarity and peace of mind into your life ↓ their mission is to…

…make the world healthier and happier through the super power of calm.

What others are saying about the app: 

Tried every meditation app I could find and this is the one I use every day. I used to teach meditation and I’m always learning new things about my mindfulness practice using Calm. I recommend it to anyone I know who could use more grounding and, well, calm in their lives. I am a better person for using this app daily.

It is one of the only apps that has drastically improved my life. Thank you. The loading animations release notes remind me to take a moment to breathe – this is brilliant. It is apparent that the team cares very deeply about the product and it’s Mission. The updates have been consistently great too.  — @SlowMotn

What I love about this app is its inclusion of daily inspirations. Calm provides techniques to cater to your individual focus — whether it’s sleep, obtaining happiness, or developing self-esteem. Calm is great for people like me who want to grow an area they’re already. Be sure to check out their great tips on their blog too. Click on image to take you to their ‘Mindfulness tips’ page.

4. One Moment Meditation

This app aims to meditate quickly and powerfully, finding balance and calm wherever you are … even if you’ve never meditated before. Creator and author Martin Boroson, has one goal: to help people break through the time barrier and find a deep source of peace and inspiration right now. So → Breathe. Let go. Be still.

What others are saying about the app: 

Shortly after the horrible attacks in Paris. Joe came across the app and wrote a letter to Marty ↓

Dear Marty:

One of your OMM reminders magically appeared shortly after I learned of the attacks on Friday night.

Whereas I often mentally file away such reminders, hoping to take a moment to meditate “later when I have time”, this time I immediately closed my eyes for a nice long moment.

It really grounded me instantly, and reminded me of your constant love and support.



5. Wildflower Mindfulness

This app encourages you to make friends with your mind. And uses your phones camera to take it up a notch.

Through a combination of engaging content and accessible design, Wildflowers empowers individuals to embrace mindfulness meditation when and where they choose.

What others are saying about the app: 

I adore this app. I wish there was a longer version! It has improved my ability and willingness to be mindful 100%. Thank you so much wildflowers! So happy to have stumbled across this app!! — Robin Pianosi

Check out the rest and comment which ones you like most ↓

6. Omvana/Guided Meditation

7. Stop Breathe & Think

8. Buddhify

9. Muse 

10. Take a Break!

11. Welzen

12. H*nest Meditation

13. Equanimity

14. Meditation Timer Free

15. Deep Relaxation– (Silva Method)

16. Breathe2Relax

17. Sleep Easily Meditation

18. Smiling Mind

19. Simply Being Guided Meditation

20. Walking Meditations

21. Meditation Helper

22. Room to Breathe Meditation

23. Relax Melodies

24. Sattva

25. The Mindfulness App

26. 10% Happier

27. MINDBODY Connect

28. Meditation Timer Pro

29. Nature Space

30. Learn to Meditate: Meditation without Borders

31. Lumosity

32. GPS For The Soul

33. Pomodoro – Focus Booster

34. Mental Workout

35. MindNode

36. Time Out

37. MoodKit

38. PE Coach

39. WorryWatch

40. MindShift

41. T2 Mood Tracker

42. What’s My M3

43. Self-Help Anxiety Management

44. Pacifica

45. PTSD Coach

46. CPT Coach

47. Panic Relief

48. Live OCD Free

49. Positive Activity Jackpot

50. Recovery Record

51. Acupressure: Heal Yourself

52. Worry Watch

53. I Can Be Free

54. Stress Doctor

55. Optimism

56. Meeting Finder

57. Anti-Stress Quotes

58. Happify

59. Digipill

60. SAM App

61. 7 Second Meditation

62. Anxiety Free

63. Free Relaxing Sounds of Nature

64. The Worry Box

65. HelloMind

66. Inner Balance

67. Moods

68. Relax and Rest Meditations

69. Sleep Time

70. Stop Panic & Anxiety Self Help


In conclusion → it’s a big year for self improvement and apps can make it easier. But you have to find the ones that are right for you. The convenience really makes all the difference.

You know how you get those 10 minute breaks to go off and smoke a cigarette? Here’s to hoping a 10 minute mediation to get your mind right will soon take just as much precedence. Until then, yes you can sneak off on that “bathroom break” to get a few minutes of app time to get your mind trained — we won’t tell…