Hair Tips for Fishtail Braids Styled by Aveda · What I Wish I Knew

Hair Tips for Fishtail Braids Styled by Aveda · What I Wish I Knew

When it comes to hair braids, they’re perfect all year round.

Both effortless and chic → as long as you know all the tricks to these three stand braids. 

But let’s be real → it takes practice. If you’re anything like me, and just starting out. Here are some tips you need to know. Brought to you by the lovely people at Aveda as well as Fourteen Jay salon. Because earlier this month, I was invited to a quant and charming salon in one of my most favorite Manhattan neighborhoods — TriBeCa. Where we learned a few tips and tricks to the braid trend that will never fade.

Hairstylist Jessica

It’s noteworthy to mention that last month I spent hours trying to figure out how to fishtail braid my own hair. And it was not messy looking on purpose. So these hair tips are super essential ↓ … here’s what I learned:

→ Dry shampoo works wonders. I must admit, I was always hesitant but my stylist Jess taught me the benefits. For instance, it’s beneficial for your roots and scalp · it’s great for oily hair · and necessary in-between washes. ‘Cause any girl will tell you, the water here in the States is not good for your hair — so don’t wash it often. Once a week if you can. I tend to stretch mine out from 4 to 5 days.

Using shampure™ dry shampoo by Aveda really had me seeing the difference — this ones great!

→Braiding is not easy. Especially, when it comes to braiding your own fishtail — even Jess agrees, it’s very very hard. She recommends trying it on others first. Then when doing it to yourself, close your eyes. Avoid the mirror because it will confuse you.

→Part and divide your hair as you normally would when braiding. Jess says it’s very similar to the braiding process but the difference — instead — is that you go under instead of over. That is, after you secure it near your ear. The tip to that is to go under instead of over as well, reach for your hair beneath your crown.

We finished my look with Aveda’s air control™ light hold hair spray. And it’s in the name — no crisp affect.

I can apply my make-up and not be too mad about it. But when it comes to my hair — I’m almost hopeless. What I do know is that quality of the products and tools you use make a huge difference.

Thanks Aveda & Fourteen Jay!! I’ll be seeing you again very soon