Making a List, Checking It Twice ... A Gift Guide for Those Who Were Nice

Making a List, Checking It Twice … A Gift Guide for Those Who Were Nice

A gift guide for her and them that you can cross off your list this weekend!

Holiday sales are happening and joy is being spread. So if you’re anything like me and love to gift but appreciate convenience then you need to stop by AMCONYC’s Pop-Up Shop at 168 Bowery this weekend. I’m talking December 15-18th 2016 · but if you miss it, don’t trip → these selections are available online too! Cheers to delivery #amirite 



So bust out the wrapping paper and get into elf mode because whatever your religion celebrates — you can’t deny the Holiday spirit and the extra paid time you get off of work from this season.


Here’s what I recommend:


➀ A rad backpack ↓ for him, her, and them

I picked up a couple of these back-packs that are made with a great cause attached! HERO is about uplifting our community and educating the youth! Each back-pack comes with cards that teach you about some of history’s greatest and most intellectuals aka heroes. And a portion of their sales go to various charities and organizations in which Hero Backpacks are involved with.

When you carry your HERO, you carry your courage. Each backpack carries a cause: 17 limited-edition, collectible colors for 17 global goals.

Bonus: you can store the rest of your gifts in here. 

➁ The essential item every girl owns with a unique and personal twist! 

This is amazing for any type of lady in your life — from the athletic to stylish personality — or both! I don’t know any girl who doesn’t own a pair (or 20) of leggings. Take it up a notch and gift yours a really amazing — unique — one of a kind — pair of leggings with their monogrammed initials from Style Reform.

The Doost with Style Reform founder Christy Teloh

You need to read her inspiring story here!!


➂ Because nobody has time for bad hair ↓

Be a doll and cover someone’s next hairstyle, cut or color — and trust me when I say, the gesture will go so much farther than you’d think. Because everyone deserves a little pampering every now and then and like I mentioned, nobody has time for bad hair.


I sat with Anouska Leigh and got a Game of Thrones inspired hair-braid ~ feeling like Khaleesi!


Feeling like #Khaleesi with my #hairbraid thanks to @anouska_leigh • @amconyc

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➃ Accessories from dainty & chic to → colorful & beautifully bold

Check out lioness Kemi and her collection Kemi Designs which has personal touch written all over it! I love her approach as everything she creates is with meaning. Her personalized pieces are top sellers and I adore these rings and find them to be so stylish. The triangle ring is a perfect pointer → to help me keep my eyes on the prize. And the criss-cross mid-ring is made in a way where it doesn’t slip off (easily). Kemi applied some physics to her art which I both appreciate and respect.

Colorful & beautifully bold — Jewelry designer Oriana Lamarca has a wonderful collection of effortlessly chic and beautifully bold jewelry … handcrafting jewelry sparked from a desire to have one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces that accentuated her wardrobe and reflected her style.


Jewelry by Oriana Lamarca

The jewelry you wear should make you feel unique as an individual and, at the same time, effortlessly communicate your personality with elegance and sophistication. ♥

— Oriana Lamarca

Jewelry by Oriana Lamarca

That statement piece she needs — a two in one!

For your friend with a loud, beautiful, and strong personality — looking at you Nadia & Krista!

This clutch from Crystal Kodada is pretty badass. And a two in one — both as a clutch and bracelet. I mean look at all the room it has! Easy to hold — and pretty to look at with real Italian leather.


With the entire town decked in jolly cheer — Christmas lights, trees, and traditions — you already now Christmas is coming…

In addition, check out AMCONYC for some more gift ideas including for him ♥