7 Dainty Accessories for Your Foul-Mouthed Bestie

7 Dainty Accessories for Your Foul-Mouthed Bestie

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While browsing through my Facebook feed, I came across an article on The Huff → 21 Dainty Jewelry Options For Foul-Mouthed Ladies and had to click on it for a good laugh. Also, to be honest — I cuss a lot and have a number of strong boss ladies (in my life) that do the same. Here’s thinking of you …

Below are my favorite 7 from the list ⇓ Click on each image to direct you to the site. Note that I make jack-shit from these sales. It’s all for your pleasure ツ

Though I try to be respectful around others, like most could relate ↔ I slip up a lot. Until I found a way to own it — and by doing so I don’t feel guilty about it. I’m human and have made those oops mistakes but for the most part I’m content with it because my accomplishments are louder than the curse words I use.

Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.

— Mark Twain, a Biography


Whether I’m pissed or excited — these phrases are far from foreign to me. What I love about these foul-mouthed pieces are that they are dainty, stylish, and get the message across. Here are 7 of my favorite pieces:

➀ Hakuna Maf*ckit

This 24k gold plated, brass, or nickel silver hand stamped bangle because lets be real — that’s really what Timon and Pumbaa were teaching our young Simba. roar.



Fun fact: The Lion King was created by Disney’s “B Team” while their “A Team” worked on Pocahontas. So in other words, Disney put all their eggs in one basket but it was their “B” team that pulled up on top with The Lion King being one of their best successes still (for Disney).

➁ The IDFWU Bracelet

This is a great dainty piece to express how you feel on the low key while still appealing to those stylish ways. I recommend gifting this to someone who just got out of a relationship — they would love this shit.


$28.00 +

While we’re at it — Go ahead and stack them on! You have your choices from brass (as show) to gold platings and even solid sterling silver. Prices obviously vary on that ↓ Personally I love the “Never Grow Up” bracelet — Fun Fact: I’m a grown ass kid.

Go ahead and stack them on!

➂ The ” OY FUCKING VEY ” Brass Cuff

Would you believe that this is something that rolls out of my tongue on a very regular basis — probably one of my favorite phrases.



➃ The Fuck Yeah Earrings

Here’s looking at you Nadia ♥



➄ The WTF Earrings

I wonder if you’ve made the WtD — What the Doost!? correlation here …



➅ Bite Me Morse Code Necklace

… when you’re trying to be sneaky and you know you’re smart.



➆ Fuck Your Beauty Standards

Enough said.


I must note that this post doesn’t encourage you to curse — there are other ways and I back them up just the same. For instance the GOOD ONE: I’ve only met one person in my life who is so beyond sweet that she’s replaced curse words with cute words instead. She’s Diane McInerney @ CBS’ InsideEdition weekend anchor.


I have so much respect and appreciation for this woman! For example, instead of saying “oh shit” she says “oh sweets” HOW PRECIOUS IS THAT!! During my time there, I did learn a good amount from her, like how to remain sweet — even when others won’t.

So all I’m saying is → if you’re foul-mouthed don’t be embarrassed about it. Be free to be you — But be respectful like a real grown mature person would be. So I also stress — be aware of your surroundings. 

Other than that → if you don’t like what is said …