When She Tells You to Keep It Simple // Life Lessons

When She Tells You to Keep It Simple // Life Lessons

Shit happens everyday. To everyone.

What sets us apart is how we deal and even approach the matter, these life lessons of ours … I found myself growing a lot these past two months. Or maybe it — the things I’ve been trying to improve — are all just finally catching up to me now. I think one of the most useful advices I received, this week, is to keep it simple.

It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.

— Amelia Barr


Photo by Negine Jasmine

I like that a lot ♥ So now, while I struggle to come up with a topic for my next article, I remind myself — Keep. It. Simple. This means I’m taking WtD!? back to its roots by being a raw natural beautiful mess who is trying to make sense of this life journey while following my passion.

… because at the end of the day …

When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple.

— Paulo Coelho

Another thing, while we’re at life lessons and all → I found the beauty in people. That it is more than who I surround myself with but also, what sort of magic they release within me. I believe that some people we encounter, are able to bring out something spectacular in us.


Life isn’t always easy though → I’m a big believer that it’s during the times we struggle most in which we gain the most. The life lessons we learn along the way are our tools to manifesting the best version, or better versions, of ourselves. Maybe it can be said that it’s even one of our most powerful tools. These lessons help us move forward with the necessary capabilities required to conquer — whether it’s conquering tasks, goals, mending relationships, etc.


One way I find serenity and get back to grounding myself is through the beauty of Mother Nature. A few of my favorite things include flowers, plants, trees, the sky, the sun, and lots of natural light.



Though trying to connect to Mother Nature isn’t always easy, especially living in Manhattan. Not to mention in a technology driven society where our attention is more intact with our devices rather than our environment. But lately I’ve been more aware of how beneficial it is to keep oneself grounded. Sometimes, as strange as it sounds, when I’m feeling disconnected — I imagine myself like a tree or plant with roots tying me back to earth’s core. It really helps.