The Ultimate Lunch Club Experience at 837 NYC by Samsung

The Ultimate Lunch Club Experience at 837 NYC by Samsung

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Samsung has partnered with some of New York’s finest and most creative chefs to bring us a little 411 on their cooking styles with an ultimate exclusive experience! One you don’t want to miss — and lucky for us it’s running all summer — open for FREE to the public.

If you’re around on Wednesdays — stop by their flagship store at 837 Washington Street, New York NY 10014 for a complimentary lunch and exclusive access to NYC’s rich culinary offerings — while talking ingredients, tips, and trends. Followed by a Q&A with the audiences. How cool is that?

Thanks to the epic eco-friendly blogger Yoli Ouiya from  — my first experience was amazing and I’ve been back since! We had a private session with the head chef of Morimoto — ate fish that was flown out from Japan the day of and explored Samsung. We were pleasantly surprised at the variety of areas worth exploring at 837 NYC. This place had everything and didn’t feel like a store – coffee, donuts from Dough & free WIFI to say the least – what else could you need? Oh that’s right — an exclusive lunch experience with a master chef.

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Samsung created a unique tunnel where you’re surrounded by your own Instagram feed! The ultimate “new school” walk down memory lane. Inside, you’re greeting by a lovely voice who reads out your captions and accumulates your most used hashtags. Pretty cool right?

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During the second round, I was so surprised and pleased to see chef Scott Leibfried — the heart of ReViver — one of my favorite healthy spots to grab lunch from. With a nutritional approach, ReViver has some great tasting meals that are creatively crafted. Chef Scott Leibfried explains that healthy and nutritious eating are very different.

I asked Chef Scott Leibfried about the trend he’s seeing emerge and he strongly stated ツ

Nutrition is science and last forever. But the trend I’ve seen most lately, is the no sugar fad.

Consuming too much of anything isn’t good for you — moderation is key to all areas but if you do have a sweet tooth like me try replacing sugar with honey or agave — more natural options.

Samsung 837 NYC is where tech + culture collide — for more check out their site here and be sure to RSVP. 837 Lunch Club is curated by a different chef each week so be sure to check back for the latest on upcoming chefs. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis and is not guaranteed. They even have a Wanderlust Yoga 837 segment!