13 Excellent Benefits of Meditation for the Human Health

13 Excellent Benefits of Meditation for the Human Health

Nowadays meditation is not a strange concept for many people. Meditation is becoming more and more popular in our daily lives. Meditation is only a simple technique that can be practiced anywhere. The most important thing is that you need to concentrate. There are two main types of meditation that are very common including Samatha Bhavana and Vipassana Bhavana. Depending on each person, they can choose the appropriate method for them.

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Many people may know that this is a type of exercise that is very beneficial for the human health.  There are many scientific studies as well as reports showing the different specific benefits of meditation for the human body. In this writing, we don’t guide you how to practice it — We only show you some common specific benefits of meditation so that you can know its excellent benefits for our life.

Excellent Benefits Of Meditation For The Human Health

Now you may see the importance of meditation in our life in many forums and blogs. Most of them maybe mention its spiritual, healthy benefits. They are to help the people to train their mind and make it adaptable and useful in life. You may not believe it at first. But there are many pieces of scientific evidence illustrate the opinion. Let’s read the following writing and see what they are:

1. Decrease Depression

In a research involving about 400 people, an expert showed that the indications of stress, anxiety, and depression can be reduced until 6 months later thanks to joining in a mindfulness program. For the patients with past depression, the study also proved that mindfulness meditation can contribute to reducing dysfunctional beliefs and ruminative thinking. Some expert even said that meditation is very useful for treating depression with the same usage as an antidepressant drug if the patients practice meditation frequently.


For the pregnant women that have the high risk of depression, they can join in a mindfulness meditation training class so as to reduce the depressive symptoms, especially during their pregnancy. The mothers-to-be also consider taking part in these classes. That is the advice of the experts for the mothers-to-be.

2. Regulate Mood And Anxiety Disorders

The conclusion that meditation can help to regulate mood and anxiety disorders is a randomized result of more than 20 studies that are related to the techniques of meditation and yoga. Many people said that you even use meditation for curing anxiety disorders instead of antidepressant drug and seems quite effective.

3. Decrease Stress And Anxiety

Among benefits of meditation, reducing stress and anxiety is proved by many studies from many universities in all over the world. It was proved that practicing open monitoring meditation will contribute to decreasing the grey-matter density in our brain area where is linked to stress and anxiety. You can see that the meditators can control their feelings and thoughts very well. They rarely get stuck on any stimulus that the people are easy to get on. It is better if you can practice it before going to bed and you will get a deep sleep.

4. Reduce Panic Disorder Symptoms

Some studies were done with more than 20 patients with panic disorder have shown that the people that took part in a relaxation and meditation training class for about 3 months can help reduce the symptoms of panic disorder effectively. Certainly it is just true in studies. But in fact, it also can bring the amazing result for the patients if they are patient in treating this disorder with practicing meditation regularly.

5. Increase The Ability To Concentrate


The neuroscientists in Harvard showed that meditation has the great influence on your brain. In particular, it can help improve the ability to learn, memorize. Besides that, mindfulness meditation helps regulate your emotions, as well as your sense of self, since then, contribute to preventing and curing some common disorders. And, you can find out the good solution for some troubles or questions. The long-term meditators are the clearest evidence for this benefit.

A research showed that if you can practice meditation about 20 minutes per day, you can improve your ability to concentrate, the cognitive skill more than 10 times compared with the people don’t practice meditation.

6. Reduce Sleep Need And Improve Psychomotor Vigilance

In a study with different conditions and various objectives of meditation, the experts got the result that meditation can bring the short term benefits even for the novice meditators. With the meditators that practice meditation for a long time, they can sleep less time than the normal people. There is, in fact, no strong evidence for reducing sleep need. However, the experts believe in this benefit and will have more studies about it.

7. Improve The Emotional Intelligence

One of the common benefits of meditation is to help control your mind since then improve the emotional intelligence and mental strength effectively. An assistant professor said in her study that meditators who meditate in a long term will have more gyrification that contributes to processing information in your brain faster than the people do not practice meditation. That is why the meditation can help improve the process of handling information, forming memories as well as making a decision better.

8. Reduce Blood Pressure And Control Stress And Immunity

When we mention the benefits of meditation, you cannot ignore its ability to reduce blood pressure as well as control immunity and stress.

There are also some clinical researches showed that the people who are suffering stress or high blood pressure can improve their healthy conditions if they practice meditation regularly. It also said that 2/3 patients with high blood pressure who practice meditation can use less medication after 3 months due to opening the blood vessels up (the formation of nitric oxide) after relaxing. The results of the people are suffering stress is similar. Meditation can help improve mitochondrial energy production since then control stress better.


9. Make Your Body Healthier And Stronger Against The Pain

According to many studies from some universities in the world about the degrees of painful heat between the non-practitioners and Zen masters, the experts discovered that meditators feel less pain than the non-practitioners although they get the same pain input. It is because they feel less pain in their mind.

Practicing meditation can help relieve the pain effectively. Another opinion even said that practicing meditation can be better than morphine. According to this opinion, meditation can help produce a greater pain reduction than the other drugs that can relieve the pain like morphine. It can help relieve the pain up to 25 %.

Moreover, it can help you make your body healthier and stronger, since then, prevent many serious diseases.

10. Decrease The Risk Of Stroke And Heart Diseases

Nowadays, there are more and more people die of cardiovascular diseases. The people often use many different ways to prevent and treat stroke and heart diseases. Practicing meditation is one of the great ways to do it. According to experts, besides managing ADHD, practicing meditation frequently can help reduce the risk of stroke and heart diseases. A transcendental meditation class seems effective. If you take part in a meditation class and practice it frequently, you can get a 48% reduction of the risk of stroke and heart disease. This is really the good news for many people that are suffering cardiovascular disease.

11. Manage ADHD

As you know, treating many diseases is one of the health benefits of meditation for human health including ADHD. ADHD is also called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. There is a study with about 50 patients with ADHD showed that mindfulness meditation can help decrease impulsivity and hyperactivity, at the same time, increase many cognitive skills. Besides that, it also contributes to improving the inattention symptoms and managing the ADHD symptoms effectively.

12. Prevent Some Inflammatory Diseases And Asthma

According to some neuroscientists of some universities, taking part in mindfulness meditation training can help relieve the inflammatory symptoms of some diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease as well as symptoms of asthma. For the people who are not suffering inflammatory disease, practicing mindfulness techniques can contribute to preventing cellular-level inflammation better.


13. Reduce The Risk Of Many Diseases

Some recent researches showed that mindfulness meditation can help to reduce the risk of many diseases like Alzheimer’s, Fibromyalgia, and some other respiratory diseases. It even may help treat HIV. The people who practice meditation can decrease depression and stress, two of the main reasons lead to many diseases.

Another study demonstrated that meditation can help to prevent declining the CD4 T cells that are often attacked by HIV and have the serious influence on the immune system. Since then, the process of treating will get the positive result.

The above is some specific benefits of meditation that we want to show you. In general, meditation can bring the human a lot of physical and mental benefits that we cannot mention all in here. It is very beneficial for the people of all ages, from the kids to the old. That is why there are millions of practitioners now and the number of practitioners may increase much more in the future.


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