Glow Like The Sun // the DIY Turmeric Face Mask

Glow Like The Sun // the DIY Turmeric Face Mask

This summer, I want to dive into the magic of self care so that I can radiate with kindness for myself and for those around me.

We often get absorbed into the demanding pressures of life and forget to nurture ourselves properly. Losing touch of yourself leads to toxicity and stress … coming back to oneself is like a form of rebirth. Allow yourself to breathe again and to release the overbearing weight of existing by taking time out of the day to practice self care. One of the best places to start is on your precious skin that gets pulled on, pinched at and is neglected way too often. So here’s my skin routine that I’ve been practicing for the past year and have constantly received great satisfaction from.

Number One: Exfoliation 

I exfoliate using half of a lemon and two table spoons of sugar. I like to scrub my face with it after a warm shower so that my pores are all open and ready to be cleaned. I scrub every nook and corner of my face and then rinse it with warm water. I then pat down my face with a clean towel. After I’m done exfoliating, I’m ready to paint on my mask.


TIP: I highly recommend only exfoliating your face 1-2 times a week and remember to avoid the sun when using lemon to scrub your face.


Number Two: Steps To Making Turmeric Face Mask

1. Scoop two or three table spoons of plain yogurt into a bowl.


2. Mix one and a half tea spoons of Turmeric into the bowl.


3. Squeeze (or scoop) one table spoon of honey into the bowl.


DIY facemask 
4. Mix one and a half table spoonfuls of Gram flour (Garbanzo bean flour) into your bowl. I’ve tried regular flour before too and it works just as well.
step5 (1)
5. Pour half a table spoon of your favorite natural oil into the mix, I use jojoba oil but coconut or almond oil will also do the trick!


6. Thoroughly mix all of your ingredients until your bowl has an orange paste glowing out of it.


7. Paint in onto your face using a paint brush or any other tool to gently apply the paste all over your face. You can also use your fingers but only if you’re okay with having orange tinted fingers for a day…or two. Leave the mask on for 20-45 minutes.

negg (1)

8. Once you’re ready to wash it off, soak a warm towel and slowly scrub the mask off with it. Then, rinse the remainder of the mask off with warm water.

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