Libertine AW16: Fashion With A Message!

Libertine AW16: Fashion With A Message!

One of my favorite shows this season was LIBERTINE AW 16’. I truly love when designers use their platform to deliver a positive message! Several models walked the runway with signs with calls-to-action like: “Join the Revolution”, #SaveThePlanet, and #BuyMoreLibertine. Ok, maybe they’re not all altruistic…

Taking place at Skylight Clarkson Square; much of the audience was decked in Libertine — that is always a sign of a good show.

As a huge fan of jackets, furs, and dramatic patterns, I instantly fell in love with every look. Libertine displayed just that — neon color trim patterns covered the runway. I also adored the statement patchwork. Patchwork peacoat was a dominant theme on the runway as were embroidered silks and sequins!

libertine 8

libertine 3

libertine 5

What I learned at Libertine:

  • Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and wear color in the winter. Neon and bright color fur will be huge for fall!
  • Peacoats are no longer plain — patchwork peacoats are the new new.
  • Sporty and elegant looks combined can actually work!
  • Always deliver a message with your look.

libertine 6

My favorite look was the multi colored sequin track jacket and track pants. Another favorite look was a embroidered parker with neon fur trim. I also adored the black cape with patches on the back reading “Time For Love”

libertine 12

Last but not least, the finalé was the best part of the show. Contrary to a usual finalé walk; the models danced down the runway, holding signs & celebrating. Just great energy to end the show. My favorite part is when the designer walked out carrying a “Buy More Libertine” sign. 🙂

libertine, afghan style, nyfw

What Juana Wore:
As the layering continues…

Hat: H&M // Shearling Jacket: Nasty Gal // Red Leather: Zara // Dress: Uniqlo // Boots: Naked Wardrobe

juana grant, style, what the doost, doost

juana grant, style, what the doost

Photos by Antonio Griffith better known as Aagdolla —

juana grant, style, what the doost, nyfw


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