Enchanting Bridal Gowns by Anniesa Hasibuan at NYFW

Enchanting Bridal Gowns by Anniesa Hasibuan at NYFW

Designer Anniesa Hasibuan took my breath away on another level with her collection that is inspired by the pearls of Asia. Her unique designs and signature look of elegance is one of a kind — the couture royal look. I spoke to Kusuma Wijaya who explained Anniesa’s vision and inspiration:


She wants everyone to be and feel like a princess!


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Anniesa Hasibuan created a wonderful collection, keeping Islamic values while staying stylish ♡


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Anniesa is a young designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia — she’s quickly emerging in this international world of fashion, known for her luxurious and elegant Muslim-wear fashion pieces. Millennial driven and born in the ’80s, Anniesa started her company in 2014.


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Inspired by the island of Lombok, the world’s leading producer of pearls which is also known for their beaches. For her “Pearl Asia” collection, Anniesa chose soft palates — ranging from grays to pinks with some gold embroideries.


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Their iconic gray dress with its amazing cap is worn by Laura Muljadi — a supermodel from Indonesia. Model Sara Azka modeled their gold and white 2 piece gown.


I feel rich!
—  Laura Muljadi


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A reflection of the beauty Indonesia possesses — Anniesa brings that royal approach so every girl can feel like a princess!


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I had some fun with the collection too ♡ I wore their iconic gray dress’ cape –and felt like a PRINCESS that slays — because that’s next level girl power Beyoncé style ♡


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The event was a blast! Big shout out to my fellow blogger babe Ruthie Darling for sticking with me all day through the last day of NYFW! I hope you guys enjoyed the AW16 journey with me ♡


I was styled by Kevi from Styling On, a luxury styling service // Wearing an outfit by Indonesian designer Imaji Studio. I love the feel of the fabric, I may look dressed up but I’m comfortable AF!


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