Are You Ready For Spa Week 2015 ║ Unique & Affordable Spa Treatments For $50

Are You Ready For Spa Week 2015 ║ Unique & Affordable Spa Treatments For $50

Who doesn’t love a spa treatment?! Better yet a whole week full of great deals for all your massage needs with various locations near you! From October 12th-18th Spa Week provides unique and luxurious treatments that enables millions to enrich their personal health and well-being through affordable $50 spa treatments.


During Spa Week’s Fall 2015 event, people can transform their lives into a weeklong wellness journey. Luxurious treatments, seasonal ingredients and unique rituals will be offered at participating spas across the country. They will be providing guests the ability to immerse themselves in incomparable wellness offerings and the latest outrageous and noteworthy therapies. From October 12th-18th you can take advantage of these and thousands of other amazing treatments at a fraction of the cost, with all spa treatments being offered at $50.



Appointments can be booked starting September 9th, when the full list is available on ♡



SPA WEEK is a bi-annual event focused on the personal health and wellness of consumers. Every April and October, hundreds of spa and wellness locations across North America provide two to three full-service spa treatments for just $50 each, offering everyone access to the spa and wellness lifestyle.

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