Sci-Fi Food Adventures at Lovecraft in NYC ║ My Favorite Dishes by Chopped Winner Chris Coleman

Sci-Fi Food Adventures at Lovecraft in NYC ║ My Favorite Dishes by Chopped Winner Chris Coleman

In the Alphabet City lurks a delicious feast ready to attack your taste buds with exotic flavors — yeah you heard me right — welcome to the fascinating culinary world of comic books, Sci-Fi, Tesla, mad scientists, sea monsters, music, and more! I’m talking about the Lovecraft in NYC’s East Village.



My good friend Kate Stoltz — catch her on the 4th season of Breaking Amish this May 31st — accompanied Jeff and me to this evening experience at Lovecraft.


Lovecraft’s menu takes a unique twist on ingredients and flavors for its dishes. Chef Christopher Coleman is a unique but humble man — he’s a man of patience with a taste for high quality. He loves to push the limits with his dishes and that is why he was a winner on Chopped in 2009.

Since those adventures he has created many appetizing menus around NYC with a strong dedication to his craft and the establishments that serve it.

For appetizers I recommend the lobster tacos — so meaty! The seafood dishes here are what it’s about!

Main courses :

We like to do family style meals which means we order a bunch of plates and help ourselves to all the dishes — it’s my favorite way to go because I don’t feel limited and I get to try the diversity of the chef’s cooking style.


We voted for our favorite dish which was the steak!!


The pasta lover in me was all about the fresh homemade spinach fettuccini bolognese. I loved the texture and flavor!


For our sea monster fish dishes we had to have the Fresh Water Walleye with crusted pistachio, gorgonzola, and blue cheese. As well as the Mediterranean Branzino — cooked to perfection just the way I like it — CRISPY! It went so well with the crispy polenta — I seriously have a new found appreciation for polenta.

This restaurant is filled with interesting gadgets and personalities. Our bartender was the story’s “mad scientist” concocting experimental drinks in his laboratory. They have a wide variety of delicious in-house infused spirits and feature ABSINTHE. It’s quite impressive.

Their dessert is even as fancy! We had the Oreo crusted cheesecake which Chef Chris makes himself from scratch.


There’s even a “secret lair” downstairs — bigger than you could imagine. Where they host musical artists for intimate sessions and another section for party style brunches — on that note: Chef Christopher Coleman — makes these Belgian waffles with fried chicken that I’m returning for!

Lovecraft impressed from service, to food, to the environment, and more so by all the fun surprises lurking and waiting for you! I really recommend this for dates, friend gatherings, and even solo experiences — I would enjoy starting off at the bar and having dinner there, then making my way downstairs to listen to the musicians.

Lovecraft is located on Avenue B and 4th street at 50 Avenue B.

After dinner, we had some fun in Alphabet City! So much wonderful art to experience…