Yoga with the Doost and Friends

Yoga with the Doost and Friends

I’m a believer in the power of collaboration — together we rise! Lately, I’ve been invited to some fun blogger get-togethers and I love the intimate ones where we partake in activities together — whether we’re eating together or working out! I love learning the passions of other writers and participating in the activities — so when fashion/fitness blogger Bianca Jade (a.k.a. Mizz Fit) in collaboration with Janine Just, Inc. invited me to their intimate yoga fitness session at the David Barton Gym — followed by some fun next door at the Limelight Shops — I was thrilled!

Upon arrival, we were given bags with attire from the Lysse fashion/fitness collection as well as some fun and useful things every fitness lover whose fashion conscious would appreciate — guided to our lockers — then headed to the 2nd floor for our Yoga Class where we also received Bianca’s MizzFit socks. The MizzFit socks are perfect for yoga so you don’t slip or any workout where it helps you keep your balance and connection to the ground — THANK YOU!

This gym was beautiful! In true New York style, the space was converted from an old church which made for high ceilings, stained glass windows, and copious natural light. You need to check this place out.


We ended the fitness session with an intimate discussion — where we all talked about our jobs, passions, selves, and why we were thrilled to be there!

Bianca gave us wish bracelets — she’s such a sweetheart — and then we were off to get glammed and enjoy cocktails at the Limelight Shops over good conversation. My favorites were the Juice Press & Frosae Wine Sorbae ♡ it’s ice cream made from real wine…buzz buzz!

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Big thanks to the Sponsors who made the fitness event even better:
Lysse │ Namastay │ KIND │ Glam&GO │ Skinnygirl │ Frosae Wine Sorbae │ Juice Press │ Brode │ Yoo Tracker │ Velvet Eyewear