Juana's Atlanta Fashion Journey

Juana’s Atlanta Fashion Journey

My Easter 2015 was celebrated in Atlanta with the girls. Such a splendid and warm weekend. The weather was amazing & the southern hospitality was even greater!

juana grant

Gym Wear | Under Armour

juana grant

Mall Run | Black Top & Leather Jacket: H&M |Skirt: Zara| Shoes: Nike Blazers

We made sure we hit the gym along with a mall run, relaxation & a little bit of partying!

juana grant

Β Hat: Urban Outfitters | Top: Top Shop| Jeans: Zara

We also had the privilege of attending the Atlanta Hawks vs Brooklyn Nets game! We represented the BK nets of course ! It’s such a rewarding feeling when your at an away game & you see other fans representing your team!

Game Day

Hat & Dress: Urban Outfitters|Β Shoes: Jennifer Le

juana grant

Hat: Urban Outfitters | Top: Top Shop| Jeans: Zara

juana grant

Β Atlanta was good to me!

With that being said I Shall Return!