Halloween Party Idea: Glow in the Dark Drinks!

Halloween Party Idea: Glow in the Dark Drinks!

Want to make your Halloween Party even more awesome?

Here’s a way to make glow in the dark cocktails and jello shots. Did you know that tonic water glows under black light?

glow in the dark
This Halloween serve your guests radioactive drinks!
What you need:
1. Alcohol (Gin or Vodka)     2. Tonic    3. Limes     4. Flavored Jello    5. Containers     6. Black light


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What makes it glow?

Tonic water contains quinine which is naturally fluorescent and so the resultant jelly will glow under a UV light.

I F~cking Love Science knows and this is what it has to say:


It contains quinine, which has a high fluorescent quantum yield. “Quantum yield” measures how efficiently absorbed light creates an optical effect. In fact, it has such a high yield it will even glow under regular sunlight.

glow in the dark cocktails

The easiest thing you can do is make a Gin or Vodka Tonic.  All you have to do is mix the liquor with the tonic, add ice and a squeeze of lime, turn on the black light, and voilà, glowing cocktail.

If you want to take it to the next level and put in some more work, you can make glow in the dark Jello shots:

Quinine glows a blue-ish colour under UV light so I used green jelly to maximize the effect.

1. Boil a little over 2 cups of Tonic water on the stove.

2. Pour it in a pitcher.

3. Add Jello and stir until it dissolves.

  • Tip: Use a color in the green/blue family. Stay away from red jello. The jelly acts as a kind of filter to the fluorescence, so using red jelly would result in a very poor glowing jelly and nobody wants that.

4. Add TWO cups of Gin or Vodka into a measuring bowl.

  • Tip: For a stronger shot use more Gin or Vodka and for a sweet flavor add Coconut Rum. If you want to use more alcohol, use equally less tonic.

5. Add TWO more cups of tonic water and mix it into the Pitcher.

6. Pour your liquid jello shots into your choice of holder.

  • Tip: Plastic shot glasses are easy and cheap. For a bigger size, use cupcake wrappers and pour it into a cupcake tray.

7. Place into fridge and let them cool!

8. Get crunk!

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