The Grand Central Terminal

English: The ceiling of the Grand Central Term...

English: The ceiling of the Grand Central Terminal in New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I’m taking a day trip to Connecticut and finding adventure on my journey. I’m traveling from Brooklyn to the Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. And even though I’m familiar with GC there are still attractions, shops and dining I have yet to experience. Today I enjoyed a GC personal ritual at Zaro’s and visited, for the first time, the Grand Central Market.

Places to check out:

One of the best bakeries are found in GC, Zaro’s Bakery. I always like to start my trip off with a bagel & cream cheese, coffee and something sweet for my friends at my destination.

Photo by Lady G. Zaro’s in Grand Central, NYC. August 2013

The Grand Central Market feels like a farmers market indoors. There are fresh produce, aged cheeses, juicy meats, exotic spices, foreign chocolates and color color color!

GC is celebrating their 100th year. Thank you Jackie O for believing in this piece. GC use to be a run down place, filled with so much cigarette smoke that the tiles to the building were all black. Till this day, when they remodeled GC, they kept one black tile up in the ceiling to remind us of what it use to be.

 The rumors this place holds are almost endless. But one of my favorite aspects to GC is all its secret rooms and pathways. So much of it hasn’t been touched, not even the decor. I once traveled through a few rooms where I was invited to a very private party. Thank you life ✌xoxo