On the Road to Shelter Island

The destination is the focus, but don’t miss the adventure of the journey. The combination makes fills the story with greatness & strenght. Appreciate the simple things in life and you will find yourself tasting the best cheesecakes, cooking with the finest locally farm grown produce and having the funniest companions to make every moment great. Did I mention the fabulous private chefs Diane Dimeo and Sarah Ashley, grill masters!

Sunflower Fields Forever by Jeff Fransen. Westhampton Beach, New York. August 2013

I’m all about adventures and these few days my destination was in the Hampton’s. And timing was everything. Shelter Island was waiting for us and I couldn’t wait. It started with getting on the road two hours later then planned. Missed alarm clocks, horrible breakfast service, rainy weather and the feeling like I forgot to pack something.

But then we got into our car and the clouds seemed to fade away, literally. The sun started to shine and it began to be a beautiful day. I had everything I needed arm reach away. Music was great and my company sweet.

There are a handful of fresh farms along the way in Westhampton Beach, NY. The experience is exciting and I recommend checking out as many as you can. But even if you only make a couple stops it will definitly be worth your time.

My favorite was the first farm we came across. The largest sunflower field I’ve ever seen, one of my favorite types of flowers. They make me smile. And I was grinning from ear to ear. I asked one of the workers if we could take a closer look onto the field. It never hurts to ask. The worst that can happen is you get a ‘No.’ And in all honesty, what’s so bad about that?

There’s also a farm along the way with the best cheesecakes in town, Holey Moses Cheesecakes.  A fitting title. We picked up a marble cheesecake for us & friends. Imagine chocolate milk meets classic American cheesecake. The second best cheesecake I’ve had in my life.  My cousin Mai takes the award for baking the best, German style cheesecake.

Arriving to Shelter Island we didn’t realize what was in store for us. A bucket list check off spree might sum it up. With private chefs and all locally grown foods, my taste buds are forever great full. Adventures in the sea, yacht rides and incredible people. The memories forever priceless.

They say its not about the destination but the journey. True! But I also believe the destination carries enough greatness that it shouldn’t be a comparison. I think that line exists to stress how important the journey we create for ourselves is. But I think it shouldn’t take away from the importance of the destination. Appreciate everything!!!