Love is the Answer to Achieving the Global Goals · UNGA 2017

Love is the Answer to Achieving the Global Goals · UNGA 2017

I’m overjoyed with the kind of commitment I’ve seen this week during the 72nd UN General Assembly.

Along with world leaders, politicians, celebrities, and change-makers — a lot more people are using their platforms to raise awareness by speaking up! Influential faces like Mari Malek, Chloe Norgaard, Casil McArthur, and Sara Ziff are also taking action. All equally passionate in reaching our 17 Global Goals, stood amongst us each representing one that meant the most to them.

Moderated by the wonderful and oh so elegant Claire Baumann, Senior Editor of the UN Foundation, here’s what they shared ↓

Passionate about quality education, number 4, Mari Malek stands for education! As a refugee of South Sudan, turned model and humanitarian, Mari shared her vision for a better world.

She shared that South Sudan is currently facing one of the worst humanitarian refugee crisis’. That their women and girls are suffering in fields of equality, education, and more. With her platform, she’s using her voice as an activist to empower girls; creating a non-profit Stand For Education. Mari provides the tools girls and women need to create opportunities they didn’t think were possible. Through awareness and education, she believes, that we can lead to an improved living and sustainable growth.

Her Solution: Speak up! Use your platform to make a change. Whether you’re a model, a doctor or lawyer, speak up and use your voice!

Chloe Norgaard is a model, artist, and environmentalist. Passionate about Mother Nature, she shared a powerful message that I highly align myself with — that if we just LOVE and live for love, then we can end so many of our Global Goals.

Sara Ziff is a model and activist for the fashion industry. She created Model Alliance, a labor advocacy group for models in the fashion industry. Through this, they make sure girls and women have a voice in their world. She was shocked to find out the lack of labor laws for models under the age of 18 in New York, the capital of fashion.

We’re only able to make a change when we’re able to speak out…. We’re up here as individuals but we’re representing communities.

Casil McArthur talked about gender equality, number 5. As a trans male model, singer, and advocate for gender fluidity — he’s using his platform to raise awareness.

I’m a human being and I deserve rights.

His Solution: visit LGBT centers, educate yourself — it’s KEY to understanding someone and understanding someone is the best way to live in peace.

It was great to engage with the faces representing the Kenneth Cole Courageous Class campaign.

Love is the answer and you’re never too young to take action for a better world ♥