The Future is Female 🚺 Getting Personal with the Big Hair Girls

The Future is Female 🚺 Getting Personal with the Big Hair Girls

A look into the sister duo — Big Hair Girls — who’ve already made a strong statement in publications like Vogue and The New York Times! 

Photo by Mary Beth Koeth

New York-based duo Big Hair Girls is made up of sisters Lizzy Lightyear and Venus. Two badass females I admire and have been lucky enough to call doosts <friends>. Many don’t know, that their personal image is a creative collaboration within their own talents. From hair to outfits and accessories — these ladies design and curate their own style!

The group certainly lives up to their name, but their colorful locs aren’t the only thing big about them. Their latest single, “Future Is Female” — a collaboration between Big Hair Girls and AfroPunk — shows off their big, EDM and hip-hop influenced sound and big feminist hopes for the world. The girl-powered pop/dance track will certainly have you singing along. The accompanying video featuring montages of feminist icons like Michelle Obama and Princess Leia, will probably have you dancing too 🙅🏻

We want Future is Female to be an anthem and not just for the ladies, but for anyone who feels like they haven’t gotten their shot and their time is now!

Track info → Written by Big Hair Girls and Donny Dykowsky

Produced and arranged by Donny Dykowsky

Mixed by Andy Baldwin

Mastered by Joe Laporta

Photo Art by Jason Obrotka

Making a statement with their faces in Vogue, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan and more — sister duo Big Hair Girls are getting personal with us doosts beyond just rainbows🌈 unicorns🦄 and all that is fab!

Doost → How did you first step into your roles to create BHG?

Lizzy Lightyear: We worked with other people but wanted to be part of a project that really represented who we were. It kind of just flowed into our current dynamic with both of us writing, editing each other’s lyrics, and working on melodies.

Venus: We weren’t making the music we wanted to be when we were working with other people. We built a little home studio and started writing & recording on our own. We didn’t really know what we wanted to do so we were just experimenting and writing as much as possible trying to figure it out.

Doost → What has inspired your music and style?

Lizzy Lightyear: We draw on so many different inspirations. From our mom, to drag queens, to all the amazing strong woman who redefines how females are viewed. As for our style, we have always been crafty and enjoyed making our own clothing. Whether it’s accessories or just remixing stuff we buy to make it unique! But we dress depending on how we feel that day, usually serving happy colors and a fun superhero aesthetic.

Venus: So many things! Our Caribbean roots, New York’s style and culture, our love of hip-hop and uptempo sounds. All of the badass ladies (like Janet Jackson, TLC, Madonna and too much more to name) who projected so much strength and self-confidence and showed us that it was cool to be different. Our style is also influenced by our mom and her DIY aesthetic. She always encouraged us to make our own stuff and we get our love of accessories from her. I’ve heard that’s genetic! And our sister Suzette, I thought she was the coolest. We usually want to wear something unique so making our own clothes or repurposing things we found at thrift stores became our thing.

Photo by Ruthie Darling

Doost → Why is the Future Female?

Lizzy Lightyear: Because the past has been male and we are over it lol the ladies got next! We know people are ready for a change, the old way of thinking and doing things doesn’t work anymore. Women are the backbone of society. It’s time we made more of the rules!

Venus: Why not?! Women have always had to be strong and in spite of endless oppression have still continued to survive and thrive. When you realize how many places in the world there are, where being a woman means that your life has less value, it’s hard not to think that we’re long overdue for a massive change!

Doost → Where do you wish to take your music to?

Lizzy Lightyear:  We want to spread the message of positivity,  strength,  acceptance,  and girl power to every corner of the world.


Venus: I want to take our music around the world and I want our music to take us around the world!

Doost → What are a few things your fans don’t know about you, yet?

Lizzy Lightyear: We are massive dessert fans! We can’t go to sleep without a sweet treat. We also do our own hair, down to the cut and color. We are very silly, we love lip-syncing our favorite song of the moment and prancing around our apartment.

Venus: Also, I’m obsessed with maps and directions, so I’m always the navigator when we go anywhere. 

Words of advice… 

Treat yourself wonderfully, own your weirdness, celebrate being alive and enjoy your life to the fullest! Never be afraid to be yourself because you are magical and there’s no one else quite like you! 
— Big Hair Girls

Aside from their incredible tunes, lovable personalities, and inspiring actions. Lizzy and Venus share with us some of their more weirder talents. Which include cutting hair and typing really really fast. Venus use to have a side job transcribing for reality shows.

You can hear more from them here!