A Powerful Collection by Christopher Esber to Romance with Mémère → Day 5 at NYFW│FW17

A Powerful Collection by Christopher Esber to Romance with Mémère → Day 5 at NYFW│FW17

Part of what makes fashion so great is the way it’s owned. Whether on a runway, in the streets, or during a presentation. This season, on Day 5, I went from a collection themed off an automobile’s power and energy to romance and fairytales real quick. And it was spectacular ↓

Two of my favorite presentations were Christopher Esber at Industria Studios and the Mémère Collection at Pier 59.

Let’s start it off with Christopher Esber…

Esber’s collection reminded me of the street style we wish to catch on the Lower East Side of Manhattan — LES. The visual impact of the full set was a must see! Under a beautifully diffused daylight skylight — bold, fearless and on the move graced the stage. This collection is made for the modern woman who loves a cut-out!


It was really interesting to see the set — then the models walked out and it was clear that Esber defined texture with his simple designs met with intriguing details — like the knobs on the skirt. My favorite was the use of hunter green. It’s currently one of my favorite colors.

Diving into the Mémère Collection…

…but then I was enchanted ✨✨ Floral fairytale @memerecollection #nyfw • #memere

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Mémère defines romance — their presentation was like stepping foot into a floral fairytale. Overtaken by lace, white roses, and style. The models look was fueled by soft palates and the ballerina inspired look, created by the talented people of Make-Up Pro New York.

Sarah Julia LeBlanc creates her designs directly from the form after an initial silhouette is assembled, like a sculptor assembling and deconstructing shapes, playing with proportion, texture, and mood.

Sarah’s early love for textiles and sewing was inspired by her French Canadian grandmother whom she calls mémère. As a young girl Mémère would fit her for garments of polka dot blouses and black velvet jumpers. 

Her collection dazzled. My favorite part was of the designer herself frolicking around the presentation. Playing with the white roses and interacting with the models. It was beautiful. Well done NYFW!