How to Travel Light & In Style -- The Winter Guide

How to Travel Light & In Style — The Winter Guide

When I travel — I aim for simplicity, comfort, and style. And these few favorites make the what-do-i-wear process less stressful.

Because when style is priority but time is of the essence — shit tends to hit the fan! But there are solutions and prepping waaay in advance doesn’t have to be one of them. Here are a few tips and recommendations:

  1. Give yourself a theme. Whether it’s a color, mood, or place. This will help narrow down your options — quicker.
  2. Mix and match. Take items that are versatile and rely on accessories to enhance your style.
  3. Pack light and don’t forget your scarf and socks! Especially if you’re going somewhere cold.

Over the long holiday weekend, I took a trip to Connecticut with my husband to visit our family. I must add — feeling lucky to be able to take a train from Grand Central up. Beats having to deal with unbearable traffic, long lines, and airports So for my laid back yet chic en-route look → I ditched the sweats and opted for a loose silk top paired with dark jeans instead. 

At Grand Central // Photo by Jeff Fransen

What I Wore

Choker by Oriana Lamarca   ·   Top by Julie Brown NYC   ·   Jeans by Joe Fresh   ·   Shoes by Dune London

Tip: Simplicity is key and the color black is your friend. Especially traveling during the colder seasons — hello winter. But if you’re ditching the cold to get to the warmer climate → I suggest getting that same top ↑ (wearing above) in pink!

Because here’s why I’m loving this Julie Brown NYC Aria top → it’s versatile. Meaning I can dress it up or even down. The silk is great to keep me warm during the winter and the sleeves add a bit of 70’s flare that I adore so much. Bonus: The back has a gold strap zipper that adds personality. FuN.

But of course, don’t forget your coat!

What I Wore

Coat by Julie Brown NYC   ·   Scarf by Burberry   ·   Jeans by Joe Fresh   ·   Shoes by Dune London

Tip: If you’re in a colder environment → fur coats will keep you much warmer and cozier. But avoid fur in the rain. Keep your scarf handy. Because we all know that planes and trains get chilly!

…when you're still in vacation mode 😜

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When it comes to colors and basics, black is a very powerful tool in my wardrobe. Like whites, grays, and navy — it translates very well for any occasion! All the way from fancy to the chill vibes only zone. And while traveling to areas with colder climates — I tend to stick to black leggings and darker jeans that are more on the stretched side for comfort.

What I Wore

Top by Julie Brown NYC   ·   Necklace by Chloe and Isabel by Renee Smith   ·   Bottom by Joe’s Jeans   ·   Hair by Fourteen Jay Salon

For the elegant chic look — I styled my silk top with a 3 chained necklace by Chloe and Isabel by Renee Smith. I’m really into hunter green and love this piece with its unique patterns and overall vintage style.

And while we’re at it → Tip: Optimize your jewelry. Because they take the least amount of space in your luggage and can dress up — or down any outfit. I recommend taking a good handful of choices.


Because I’m also silly and goofy — some of my wardrobe choices tend to reflect that. But since the years also mature me — I found ways to incorporate that into my style while keeping my grace. Like these delicate pineapple earrings from Wish Bone NYC which are currently trending in my wardrobe. 


Most importantly → Layer up! Indulge in those cozy cardigans, warm sweaters and relaxed blazers.

What I Wore

Top by Julie Brown NYC   ·   Dress by Jay Godfrey   ·   Shoes by Dune London

Don’t ever under-estimate the power of silk → this silk dress under my Midnight Dove Jolie cardigan was all I needed to enjoy a stroll while the sun was still out.

Tip: Don’t forget your socks! And have FuN with it ツ So ♪ to all the ladies in the place with style and grace … own it!