Everything You Need to Know to Escape to Bermuda

Everything You Need to Know to Escape to Bermuda

Travel is almost always on my mind.

As I love adventures and finding myself in the midst of history’s greatest, most exotic, and ancient destinations. I believe that there is a part of me in every place of the world → waiting for me to discover it. They say travel is the only thing one can buy that makes your soul richer, I agree.

A month ago, I took a trip with my husband to Bermuda. As I had every intention to relax and live out the good life — I still had to venture out and explore, which makes for a great travel guide to Bermuda for a long weekend. Consider this the guide for a relaxing yet adventurous trip.



Yes we all are familiar with the mystic existence of the Bermuda triangle and its glorified crystal blue water and pink beaches. Some even know about the pink sand at its Horseshoe Bay Beach. But one of the things to note most is that the locals of Bermuda are among the friendliest you’ll ever meet. 

The beauty of peoples kindness really shines here. They treat you like part of the community.


A special story I get to share happened on the morning of October 31st. Jeff and I caught the sunrise in St. George’s parish and walked through the town to a local restaurant. Since it was around 7 am and most places weren’t open yet — I was so happy to see welcoming doors. I asked an employee if they were open for breakfast but he said they weren’t and if we knew where the market was. When we told him we didn’t, he looked around then led us straight to the market. He picked up a newspaper and even bought one for us too. What a guy!


If you’re traveling from New York (or the East Coast) you’re in luck because by flight time it’s under 2 hours away. Close enough to sneak off on a Friday afternoon.



The in-flight snack essentials.

When it comes to traveling within the island, public transportation is your friend! The car rental scene isn’t hapening in Bermuda as it’s such a small island and only one car per household is permitted. But that’s okay because mopeds and public transportation like the ferries and busses are great. Taxis are also your friend but they don’t have uber and can add up pretty quickly if you take a long ride.

The ferries run frequently and the longest we waited for a bus was 20 minutes. For the ferry routes and times see info here! This map below also shows the routes.




Take advantage of the sea and rent a yacht on AirBnB — that’s what we did and it was phenomenal. We stayed on a yacht at the historic Royal Naval Dockyard, the ideal destination for maritime activities. It was cool to see the history of the Dockyard as it was built in 1795 as a strategic base for Atlantic expeditions.

Our morning view.

Our morning view.



Trust the fish! Since Bermuda is a small island → most things are imported which makes them more expensive than other destinations. Living in NYC I thought we had some of the most expensive menus but this one surpassed that.

My favorite fish sandwich at The Devil's Isle in Hamilton.

My favorite fish sandwich at The Devil’s Isle in Hamilton.

Restaurants I recommend → Anchor which was one of our favorite places for breakfast and brunch. Though with delicious dishes like theses I’m sure they’re lunch and dinner is just as grand! Frog and Onion is the locals favorite bar. They have a great curry dish to try! Both in the Dockyard area.


If you’re on a budget then make many stops at their pharmacies and their local market. They have something similar to a bodega grill back there with some local options that are delicious. I was surprised to see how much they offer at their local pharmacies.

Drink → The Swizzle! Rum here is big and if you get a chance, get the Bermudian Rum Cake. Their Dark & Stormy is great must get too. You can easily get the ingredients from a liquor or pharmacy store nearby to make yourself ↓



On my first trip to Bermuda, I really just needed to relax with my husband. We made a list of the top 3 things we had to do; the Crystal Caves, exploring St. George’s, and of course the sight of the pink sands of Horseshoe Bay Beach. We did them all 



… where I exfoliated my skin, climbed the cliffs, and zen’d out in yoga mode.



Hamilton is great for a bigger selection of restaurants and shops. The best part are the artsy hidden stairs connecting streets. In addition → do explore the town, it’s quite interesting!


Visit glass beach. The scattered colorful glasses make great for pictures.


Another thing to note is the snake sculpture, kind of hidden in its cool ways. It’s decorated by some of the glass washed ashore …


Visit both the Crystal and Fantasy Caves ↓ In 1907 a couple teenagers in Bermuda were playing cricket when their ball fell down a hole. They climbed down a rope 130 feet to retrieve it, then they found this … the Crystal Caves.

Some of the world’s most worthwhile things to see are hidden. Oh, and they never did find their ball. 

In addition, the Fantasy Caves came later when a neighbor thought he might be sitting on something great too — which he was. While the waters aren’t open to the public (no cave swimming here) Beyonce is the only one who has ever swam in the Fantasy Cave.


Explore St. George → probably one of our most favorite memories. Since this town is very close to the airport, I recommend spending your last night around here. The restaurants are great and the people even better.


Catch the sunrise → it’s never easy, but always worth it!


Star gaze at night. For us it was magical as a sky full of stars is hard to see in the city. I saw the Milky Way so clearly!

If we stayed longer I would have also dared to go cliff jumping at Admiralty Park and engage in water sports. The Bermudians also say the best way to appreciate its crystal blue ocean is by water sport activities!

Also, check out more recommendations by Juana Grant for your best Bermudian experience ↓