The Self-ish Lifestyle & Why It's Good for You with Krista

The Self-ish Lifestyle & Why It’s Good for You with Krista

It was quite an eventful day. Then, I had my first angel reading from a psychic named Krista. So from me, to you:

Lesson #1 Let go of your stress from the challenges of the day.

After an odd, yet amusing, commute from FiDi to the flower district — looking for Krista; I stumbled into this trendy local coffee shop she chose for us to meet and immediately knew it was her. A delightful vibrant feeling just approached me. Calmed my tensions with a hug — from the commute and getting a bit lost — yes that still happens to me.

Lesson #2 Don’t judge a book by its cover.

I was introduced to Krista Nerestant through a friend, he said  … she’s wonderful, has trained to be a life coach and has a truely rare gift — a real ability to help people change their lives.

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I was intrigued … and a little bit nervous.

I showed up to the coffee shop without a clue in the world what Krista might look like. But here she was, stylish and cool. The kind of girl who’s closet you’d like to secretly raid, and sometimes even ask yourself … ‘would Krista combine these colors?’

Lesson #3 Add more color to your wardrobe … like yellow.

It. Makes. Me. Happy. And who doesn’t like feeling that?!

Lesson #4 Be open.

I didn’t know what to expect meeting a psychic — I think it’s common to overthink it. I sure did. Questions like ‘how much could she know about me’ and ‘can she hear what I’m thinking’ might have run through my head. I wanted to know more and keep an open mind.

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Lesson #5 Let your ego down.

I was hoping for a reading but wasn’t expecting to leave fulfilled. Krista gave me my very first angel card (similar to tarot card) reading. Something I hope you get the chance to experience at least once.

During mine, I wasn’t sure how much of myself to open. How much information do I share? But truth is, it doesn’t matter. Krista was able to tap into her gift to help illuminate points where I struggle and helped make me feel much better about them.

Lesson #6 Be selfish.

It’s okay to be a little selfish; sometimes you have to be. In order to achieve great things in life, it’s important to prioritize and placing your own well being at the top of the list — is perfectly acceptable.


It’s always been your choice ♡

Krista has a gift that allows her to tap into the angel realm.

There are some people who enter your world and make you feel more in tune with yourself. Lately, I’ve been more aware of the synchronicity that surrounds me. I’ve been aware of the forms magic takes — that through enough effort and belief on my part — law of attraction and forms of sacrifice align to give me what I asked for. Magic too can happen.

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Krista is an entrepreneur — a 1st generation boss lady. She migrated to New Jersey from the Philippines around 12 years old, after her mother sadly passed from cancer. Being the oldest of her siblings, a tribe of five, she took on the weight by setting the greatest example she could for her younger siblings.

Krista Self-ish LifestyleKrista opened her own hair salon at the age of 25, but it’s not her success in the beauty field that she feels is her biggest gift to the world. Instead, it’s her use of energy and spirituality to help people heal and grow.

This is what happens when you create magic …

She helps people through her gifts; Krista has psychic abilities that allow her to communicate with spirits past and energies living as she can connect to different realms. She took it one step further and learned the art of crystal healing and angel card readings. This brave soul stays in the light, and helps you discover yours.

Through the Self-ish Lifestyle, I will help guide you as you dive deep into your journey of self discovery. I will support you through my NLP coaching, Angel Readings, Mediumship services, and through my Qi Healing Therapy repair the psychical.

— Krista

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Krista has been in tune with a realm, for most unknown, since the age of seven. Though more than that, she’s risen from poverty and followed a path from the dark into the light. A woman like Krista is a rare gem.

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Not realizing her gifts as positive affirmations — Krista hid from them for years, traveling through the dark. But through her journey, she established strength in herself — the self — the lifestyle she urges YOU to allow yourself to indulge in. By allowing her inner voice to be heard, she managed to create an ora of positive change around her that now allows her to uplift others.

… that is exactly what the Self-ish Lifestyle is about. You are not alone in your journey.

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So be a little self-ish and book a session with Krista. She recently released her website where I was able to read more about her and her clients. The reviews:

I could describe Krista in one phrase it would be ‘glass-shatteringly life changing.’ She is the REAL deal, and absolutely phenomenal with what she can do with her gifts.

– Nicole

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Though I knew of her spunky personality I would’ve never thought she would be the one I would turn to for all things positive!

– Jenny

I can’t wait to tell you more about her soon, but for now head to her site at