How I've Tamed My Frizz from Taking Over My Good Hair │ But I'm No Becky

How I’ve Tamed My Frizz from Taking Over My Good Hair │ But I’m No Becky

I have thick, brown, Middle-Eastern hair and these summer days I find myself trying to tame my frizz more than usual. Thanks humidity! You haven’t made this easy. But until I’m ready to retire on a beach, and let the island vibes handle my waves — I need a way to cope.

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Good hair problems are real.

But before you call Becky with the good hair know this:

There are chemicals and toxic ingredients lurking in some of our most basic necessities like shampoos. It gets worse — these chemicals have a way of latching onto your hair even after you ‘wash it out.’

But let’s be real, I’m not about to give up my hair products. However, I have reduced the use of them and found ways to nourish my hair with natural oils and deep conditioners too.

AND this helped, a lot.

Then I took it up a notch.

Because I wanted something to strip my hair from the buildup shampoo and conditioners left behind. Since I was nourishing my hair anyway, I wanted to boost the process of that too.

My Solution. trust me. you’ll love it ↓

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The Lemon Rinse from Beautiful Nutrition. If my hair could talk, it’d thank me. The rinse has stripped away buildup others have left behind. I love the clarity of the rinse — there is no 1 2 3 step process. So you can literally use the Lemon Rinse on its own and your hair is still style-able with a fresh look.

My fiancé also started using Lemon Rinse. He has a full head of luscious strong brown hair and there are only a few products we’ll share. I was impressed when he told me he felt the difference too.

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Results = healthy. shiny. happy. hair. 


I had my eye on the Lemon Rinse but when I went onto their website I found myself — like any curious person would — browsing through different sections. I liked the thought of using their Grapefruit Detox shampoo and conditioner too.

TIP: I can tell a lot about the quality of a product from it’s packaging. The more transparent and simple it is — the more I trust that the brand’s decision makers focus on the quality of the ingredients rather than marketing tactics. This is what you want.


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TIP: Many professionals will tell you to switch up or juggle up to 5 different brands of shampoos/conditioners in your routine.

For two reasons ↓

➀ One. We all have favorites and often experience the results we originally fell in love with … fading. Bummer right?

➁ Two. It’s never a good idea to get use to a certain product and depend on it. tsk. tsk. Avoid it by switching up.

I’m officially adding Beautiful Nutrition to my list.

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This is my solution and I’m sticking with it.

Go see for yourself how beneficial Beautiful Nutrition and this Lemon Rinse could be in your life!

Then tell me what happened.

p.s. it’s cruelty free.