My United States was Founded on Religious Freedoms Inspired by Ancient Persia

My United States was Founded on Religious Freedoms Inspired by Ancient Persia

America the Persian

I love my country. As a citizen of the United States of America I take great pride in the ideals that this country was founded on in 1776. After escaping from – and revolting against – the religious intolerance of England, the Founding Fathers were faced with the challenge of creating a new nation that would allow for people from a wide variety of backgrounds and belief systems to live in harmony. How did they come up with such a system?

As you can see below in the enlightening video, you will learn about how Thomas Jefferson studied the writings from 539 BC of ancient King of Persia, Cyrus. When writing the US Constitution, the Founding Fathers took many of the ideologies from Cyrus’ cylinder — a symbol of multi-culturalism, tolerance, diversity, and human rights.  2600-year old.

Mind. Blown.


The Persian Empire is so ancient that it’s one of the world’s oldest continuous major civilizations, with historical and urban settlements dating back to 4,000 BC. Back then, kings and queens ruled empires and it was a divided and separated power struggle. Cyrus conquered empire after empire while respecting the people of the lands and grew the largest empire the world had ever seen. By writing and implementing the ideas Cyrus cylinder, he became the father of human rights.


I too am diverse, multi-cultural, and better for it. My mom is Persian and my dad is from Afghanistan. They met in Germany, I was born in Budapest, and we moved to the states (California) when I was about 10 years old. We are all human, despite our beliefs, race, color, or language spoken. That is why equality and human rights are so important to me. Finding a way to live in harmony through love and understanding. That is why this piece of history is also important — to move forward we must understand the past and appreciate all the ways it has paved the road for us ahead. Implementing peaceful methods that have been proven to work … well that just makes great sense. Don’t you think?!


Love. Who. We. Are