This is How London Eats │ Top 10 Spots You Won't Want to Miss

This is How London Eats │ Top 10 Spots You Won’t Want to Miss

Culinary innovation is booming and London has a little of it all → Enjoy this list of the 10 best restaurants in London from sushi to the breakfast club …


Aliah Banchik, What the Doost, London eats 7If you have always dreamed of an all pink tea room filled with cool people and great vibes, this is the place for you. Sketch is one of the hottest, trendiest restaurants in London right now and I can see why.

Not only is the gallery (where tea and food is served) beautiful and unique, the bathrooms are even more memorable. Yes. The bathrooms. Go see for yourselves!


If you aren’t super hungry and just want a quick (but trendy) bite, head to Cereal Killer Cafe. There are a few of them located throughout London but I went to the one on Brick Lane. It is so cute! I chose from the biggest selection of cereals ever. From Nutella filled Krave to just Lucky Charm marshmallows. Sure to have you make a cereal you won’t forget.

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You can choose from a huge variety of toppings and then choose your milk! They have flavors like cinnamon, banana, vanilla milk and many more (all can come skimmed or whole).


What a cool name for such a cool place! The Breakfast Club isn’t just for Molly Ringwald and her cool crowd → this place in London is an awesome all day breakfast restaurant perfect for when you’re craving pancakes and eggs benedict in the late afternoon.

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I got the avocado toast with a poached egg and it was BOMB. I actually went back the following day just to get the same thing! Refreshing and filling but also healthy. Such a great combo. Such a great atmosphere.


It’s not just for shopping! I was walking down the main street and took a random left turn just to end up in a British Smorgesberg. No lie.

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Food stands serving food from everywhere! One stand was a crazy mac and cheese stand →  right next to it was chicken masala and next to that was homemade dumplings. Such a great area and such great food.

TIP: Go with an empty stomach because there is plenty to try here and I guarantee that even the pickiest eater will find something they like here.


If you’ve ever been to the Soho House and enjoyed it, you will love the Chiltern Firehouse. It’s a beautiful restaurant with ingredient-focused food prepared by Chef Nuno Mendes. Some of their most interesting dishes here include the crab stuffed donuts. It sounds crazy but tastes amazing! Also, it would not be uncommon to run into a celebrity while you’re there because it is after-all one of the hottest places in London right now which most everyone wants t experience too!

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I actually saw Patrick Stewart while I was there. Great vibes. Great food. A must.


With a Michelin Star, Fera at Claridge’s is fresh, clean, and quite the treat. The service was quick and consistent → the food was unique and yummy. Inspired by nature (as can be seen through their decor and plates) they try to grow most of their ingredients themselves to ensure the freshest meals.

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They have a seasonal tasting menu that changes quite frequently with unique dishes like their Pea mousse with cod and calamint. While I was there, I got to take a tour of the kitchen and actually saw a lot of the freshly grown ingredients that are used for their dishes. I had a great experience here and I recommend it to anyone with an adventurous palette.

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Three words:

What. A. View…..WOW.

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Sushisamba located on the 38th floor of the Heron Tower is the perfect place to eat AMAZING sushi and watch the sun set. Pictures cannot do it justice. The view is incredible and the food is equally as good. The service is quick and the vibe is young.


If you are down to have a fun girls night out or just go to a casual dinner with your mom (like I did :P) it is the perfect destination for you. They have a HUGE orange tree covered in lights in the center of their outdoor bar which is always packed no matter what day it is. This is so unique and so fun so if you are up for a little partying go to Sushisamba!!


What a great name right?! I found this little place on my lunch break during work one day. Located in Shoreditch, this little pizza place serves 2o inch pizza pies!!

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You can choose a full pizza or you can choose the half and half option and get half the pizza one style and the other half a different style! Perfect for sharing with friends whose tastes may differ. Not too crowded so if you ever want a quick slice, head to Homeslice.

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9. THAMES FOYER (at the Savoy Hotel)

When you think of Britain you think of crumpets and tea and being proper. If you would like all of these things, then head to the Thames Foyer restaurant at the Savoy Hotel for an afternoon tea. They truly do treat you like royalty here.

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Choose from an extensive list of teas and get ready for finger foods! One might think that this afternoon tea thing might be a little snack before dinner however after my tea here I no longer wanted to have dinner. The servers come out with 4 tier sandwich stacks with an array of scones, sandwiches and other pastries. After that is another 4 tier plate stack of desserts.

It was lovely and British. Quite the experience.

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London is killing it with the pizzerias!

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Pizza Union is literally next door to my dorm so one day I went down to check it out and fell in love with it. Speedy service and a really cool and young vibe. Huge interior and self-­seated at long tables and benches. These pizzas are only about 12 inches so I would do one per person and if you are going with friends, chose a bunch of different pizzas and share them all. My personal favorite is the garlic, rosemary and mozzarella flatbread. ADDICTING.

Aliah Banchik, What the Doost, London eats 1However, my favorite part of the meal was not even the pizza. It was the dessert. I got the Classico which is a giant ring of pizza dough stuffed with nutella and mascarpone cheese. Each bite was better than the previous I cannot even begin to describe how happy this dough ring made me. You need to try it for yourself to see.