Own Your Picture Perfect Pose with just 6 Easy Tips

Own Your Picture Perfect Pose with just 6 Easy Tips

Let’s be honest, posing can be difficult — I mean which angle really flatters you the most? What do you do with your arms? Thing like the angle of your face, your posture, and direction of your legs are significant factors to consider. Truth be told, there is a method to this posing game. Many professionals have mastered the craft of “the perfect picture” and I was determined get behind the scenes to get the scoop!

Here is a list of epic tips and tricks to master your posing game — thanks to professional blogger and specialist in wedding photography — Lizza Maryann.

Lizza Maryann

Who says petite ladies can’t look tall and lean in photos? After years of photographing women of all shapes and sizes (when I was still shooting boudoir), here are some tips I’ve shared with my clients to help them find their best angle:

Lizza’s Tips on How to Perfect Your Picture Pose 

1 – stretch out and lightly twist your torso before you strike a pose. This will immediately help you appear taller. Pretend you’re a loungey cat. Yes, thinking it helps!

2 – gently shift your hips to the side (this shows off your feminine curves)

3 – pull your shoulders back but keep them relaxed

4 – no slouching! Posture is everything.

5 – a resting b*tch face is necessary if you’re posing in front of a wall like this 😼

6 – Spanx and nude heels are your best friends 😊

Original post by Lizza Maryann founder & writer of FABULIZZA ♥

Lizza is an incredible person who is all about uplifting her community. She writes for women who aspire to become the best version of themselves through amazing life experiences, style, creativity & self-love.

Here are a couple of my own recent poses using Lizza’s methods:

Wearing Indonesian designer Zaskia Sungkar

Indonesian fashion, iwan tirta, doost, soho nyc

Wearing Indonesian designer Iwan Tirta Private Collection

Doost, Indonesia fashion, street style 16

 Own your pose!

From experience — if you feel like you look awkward, trust me, you don’t ツ