Juana Grant Visits the Caribbean // a Guide to Trinidad & Tobago

Juana Grant Visits the Caribbean // a Guide to Trinidad & Tobago

Hello My Doosts!

It’s been a while since I was able to share with my readers, 2016 caught me by storm. I hope everyone is having a prosperous new year so far!




Before 2016 approached, I wrapped the year with a couple trips to the Caribbean island of Trindad and Tobago! This was such an amazing country and I was soooo ecstatic to visit. I recommend traveling there in the month of September — Trinidad & Tobago lay off the northeastern coast of Venezuela and sits on the continental shelf of South America. TIP: If you have a few extra days — also take a trip to check out Curacao and all its crystal clear beaches.


We chose to stay in Trinidad as this is the larger island and is known for its amazing tourist sites & party driven people! We stayed at the Hilton and had a great driver that took us on amazing sightseeing tours. TIP: Deon Executive Taxi Service — comment or DM me for his contact info.


There were several  highlights of my trip — make sure you visit these sites to complete your trip!


Maracus Beach – The only beach on the Trinidad island. Known for its savory food called Bake and Shark. People travel all the way across the island to eat this delicious sandwich!


juana grant, trinidad
juana grant at teh beach, trinidad
juana grant, burger, caribbean food

Village, Diego Martin
– I love visiting the local neighborhoods in other countries where you get a more intimate understanding of their culture. The mountains were amazing!


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Fort George, Scarborough – The best views of the island are found atop of this historical site!



For more tips DM me or comment below — where is your next adventure?